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I don’t normally read the Wafels and Dinges Truck blog, but I think I might start. Did you know Geraldo Rivera was a big fan of the waffles?  And the owner of the truck was arrested two weeks ago for arguing with a cop about what constitutes a legal spot to vend.  (Plus he had an unpaid parking ticket.)


  • Holy sh*T! That is such BS!!!! I just read that arrest story…total f’ing bs. NYC COPS SUCK (I would write far more hateful things if I wasn’t paranoid they’d trace my ip address somehow or forward me to some federal watchlist agent). They are stupid worthless piles of trash. I’ve never met a cop I liked or respected in NYC. They are all dumb meatheads. Case in point right here with Waffles guy. Moreover, I had a friend in law school, while nice, was a blooming f’ing idiot. I mean, there is something wrong with him mentally, and it’s clear as f’ing day. Guess who never passed the bar, and instead, became a Detective for the NYPD….because they will take anyone…..

  • I wouldn’t say they’re all dumb meatheads, You don’t often hear of cops doing the right thing because that’s a non-story. It’s only the dumb shoot/tase-first-ask-later cops with authority complexes like these that give them a bad name.

  • I’ve NEVER heard of a cop doing the right thing on his or her own in NYC. Knowing their hiring criteria, and their inability to screen out the mentally ill, I place absolutely 0 faith in the NYPD. In fact, every single dealing that I’ve had with them has proven them to be barely literate and extremly stupid.

  • i must second that emotion. one time a cop cut in front of me at dunkin donuts.

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