Jamaican Dutchy Wants to Feed the Hungry

Jamaican Dutchy Feeding Program

With all the bad stories we’ve been hearing about vendors lately, it’s good to read about one who is giving back. (Sadly I don’t think poor Midtown office workers qualify as “needy”.)


  • Good for them.

    Bloody well Done.

  • Ditto

    10 daily random acts of kindness by dutchy… Jah will indeed be pleased.

  • Hrm. I’ll help them make that 11 meals. I’m on vacation next week, but when I get back I’ll get some oxtails and tell them to put out a donations can to help subsidize their feeding of the needy.

    Question is: how can they tell who is needy? There is usually this short bum with glasses lurking around 50th and 6th asking for change. The guy is always well groomed and often has good shoes or sneakers, and clean jeans. I could understand wanting to keep up appearances, but a bum wearing new nike’s makes me question how needy he is.

  • was there for lunch today and did not see the sign.

  • what about poor DOWNTOWN lunchers?

  • Nice story, a welcome relief from the recent run of drunk drivings, gym shootings, corrupt Jersey politicians and Jon & Kate plus 8 stories.

    Since reading this post, that Musical Youth song Pass the Dutchy has been stuck in my head all afternoon.

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    Very nice…..bet you’ll see the others start doing the same…

  • So long as these arent the needy people I see w/ bluetooth headsets..

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