Just got word that the Smorgaschef on 49th St. & 2nd Ave. has closed. It’s out of bounds and not really a Midtown Lunch (everything is over $10), but if you must partake there is another location on Park Ave. & 38th Street (where the old AQ Cafe used to be.) For my Swedish food fix I prefer the new location of AQ Kafe (on Broadway btw 57+58th), or FIKA Swedish Espresso Bar (on 58th btw. 5+6th), both with lunch options under $10.

Smorgaschef’s goodbye sign is after the jump…

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AQ Cafe Has Been Replaced by Smorgas Chef


  • Excellent AQ, gone… Marginal Smorgas, gone…

    Maybe Scandanavian House will do the right thing and lease the space to the real swedes of FIKA for a reasonable rate?

    Dare we dream?

  • @wayne – sorry if it was confusing… the Smorgaschef in the Scandinavian House is still open. Their 2nd Ave. location closed.

  • I didn’t know they had another location.
    I work really close to their Park ave location.
    I should give them a try…to see if their meatballs are different than the ones they serve at Ikea.

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    Since we’re on the subject of swedish food, am I the only one that thinks the food at Aquavit is gross? I don’t even remember what I ordered but I just remember it being very unpleasant.

  • I thought aquavit was great. I have friends who love aquavit and go there frequently.

  • Zach… I would boot Smorgas from Scan House anyway and move FIKA in – better food, lower prices, hotter staff

    Aquavit’s food is awesome – esp. the festival buffets

  • @ dubs, you are not alone. But you can’t just come out and say it. There is an unwritten law that a person can’t insult Marcus Samuelsson. Just happily hand him your money.

  • I went to Aquavit for Restaurant Week. It was bomb-diggity. Great all-around experience. I’ve been recommending it to all my RW’ing friends.

  • “How about dinner? I know a place
    that serves great Viking food.”

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