ML Happy Hour Rudy’s Dangerously Close to Closing

Midtown Happy Hour: Rudy'sFound out via Eater today that Rudy’s, home of Midtown Lunch’s favorite free hot dog, might shut down. Our Happy Hour correspondent Mamacita waxed poetic about Rudy’s back in October, when things  were still ok.  But according to Living Liberally, things went downhill in December when the Department of Buildings shut down Rudy’s ultra popular backyard due to a fire escape issue.  Rudy’s tried to fix the problem, and obtained the proper permits, but a short time later the DOB intervened once again issuing a stop work order to conduct a “routine audit”.  Long story short, this pile of red tape has kept the incredibly popular Rudy’s backyard closed for almost 7 months now- putting the bar into a pretty bad place financially.  Living Liberally has put together a petition for the Department of Buildings that everybody should go sign now. The future of free hot dogs depends on it!  [Living Liberally via Eater]

Midtown Happy Hour: Cheap Beer and Free Porcine Pleasures at Rudy’s


  • It would be a tragedy if this place closed down. Hands down my favorite after work bar. I’ll sign anything to lend my support to free hot dogs and pork slap.

  • NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!

    OK, this really means the ML contingency needs to round up all the troops and spend our booze money here for the next happy hour. Period. Do it! Now!!

  • RE: “The future of free hot dogs depends on it!”


    May hotdogs, Rudy’s or otherwise, suffer the same government assassination as the Camel cigarette and the Marlboro cowboy.

    Both, hotdogs and cigarettes, will KILL you, whether or not you live in New Yawk City.

    Get used to reality.

  • I hope reality runs you over and when I say runs you over I want you to get hit by a truck and when I say get hit by a truck I want you to catch ebola and when I say I want you to catch ebola I’m really saing I want you to DIE.

    May Rudy’s survive to feed me hotdogs.

  • I literally got sworn into the NJ Bar there!!!!!! I will do an impromptu happy hour anytime to support Rudy’s!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Fuck, if doc idiot comes to NYC, I will gladly kill him with my marlboro light by burning a hole in his fucking eye, straight through to where a normal person’s brain would be!

  • I REFUSE to address these ridiculous charges until the self-appointed, OFFICIAL moderator of this website, the Honorable and Most Officious censor — Doctor Adamprato — shares his academic opinion into what this most important, hotdog story is really about.

    Without Dr. Adamprato’s input, I simply cannot advance any further comments or opinions.


  • If he comments here and it says neither “Choke on a hotdog” or something akin to “Shove a hotdog up your ass” I will be disappointed in Prato.

  • Anyone have connections with a t-shirt printer? How about printing up a bunch of those hipster t-shirts “DEFEND RUDY’s BAR & GRILL” surrounding an image of a hot dog and AK-47 with proceeds going to the bar. I’d gladly pay 20 bucks for one of those bad boys for a good cause like keeping this landmark open.

  • Clearly, this requires drastic action

    Adam, you need to register under a different name, and never post as adamprato again

    I know, I know, it’s a hassle, but DocChuck claims he will never ever post again unless he hears from you, and that has to be worth the hassle of establishing a new identity here. Take one for the team, buddy. You know its the right thing to do.

  • Fred, you have entirely too much faith.

  • Cheese, sorry to disappoint. I’ve decided I’ve fed the troll too much.

  • I signed the petition straight away, and I encourage all readers here to do the same. Rudy’s MUST be saved!!!!!!!!!!!

  • You can bet that this is now on the radar at DOB’s press office. Stay tuned.

  • going Friday and going to spend a good hunk of change to do my part to keep Rudy’s in business. what more could one want than free hotdogs along with a pitcher of Rudy’s blonde?

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    actually, rudy’s started going downhill in 1986, when micky featherstone turned government informant and everybody got arrested. since vicky the barmaid passed away around the turn of the century, the place has been pretty much useless.

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    Rudy’s Red is my personal favorite– cheap and delicious.

    To show your support in getting that backyard open, come down to Rudy’s (45th & 9th) every Thursday night (starting at 7:30) for Drinking Liberally! Buy a beer, sign the petition, get a free hot dog (or don’t, whichever you prefer!) and support local business!

  • @ARP: “I’ve decided I’ve fed the troll too much.”


    I think you were right, ARP.

    Now, where the hell did I put that bottle of TUMS?

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