HB Burger Extends $9.95 ML Special Through Labor Day


Got this email from the founder of HB Burger (on 43rd btw. B’way+6th) on Friday:

Zach, I want to thank you for making the special combo promotion available to your readers. I was concerned about our ability to manage the flow to maintain the quality of our guests’ experience. Now that I know that we can do that and accommodate Midtown Lunch readers, I’d be happy to make this same promotion available to your readers only, through Labor Day. Of course, this is completely your call, but I am making it available.

Done and done, right? Any objections from the gallery? [Assumed sound of crickets.] Very good. We accept. (FYI, Labor Day is September 7th.)

HB Burger Offers Up Midtown Lunch Special
HB Burger May Not be a “Midtown Lunch” But It’s a Damn Good Burger


  • Looks like someone is desperate for customers.

  • or maybe, not that many ML’ers took advatange of it….

  • “I’d be happy to make this same promotion available to your readers only”.

    How does HB know that we’d be an ML reader? Do I have to use a secret passphrase or is a secret handshake involved?

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    I went on Friday, thinking it was the last day. I did have to ask the server for the Midtown Lunch special, it is not listed as a special on their menu.

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    I just called HB Burger and they told me they no longer offering this deal…what happened? it’s not labor day yet…

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    I would only be interested in going if they can promise that my burger will be more than 4 inches in diameter. If they can promise that, then I promise to go there and to bring the rest of my friends.

    Because for that same price I can buy three really great burgers all the way from 7th-8th avenue, that has fries, tater tots, or sweet potato fries and drink included.

  • @sonnytime – The person you talked to was mistaken…


  • Decided to try this place (of course before the ML lunch special ends). Fun spot and happy to say the waiter was fully aware of the combo special when asked (so no probs there). The funny thing was you had to order the basic beef burger.. the ML special wouldn’t apply to even the lesser priced veggie burger or some sort of arrangement for the 50 cents more bison burger. Even still, it was a tasty burger (good bun).. but nothing standout. (should have tried the taters :< ) Actually the star of the show was their homemade sodas.. definitely give the root beer a shot (puts some hair on your chest)

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