Cer Te Wants You To Pick Their Next Special Sandwich


Whoever does marketing for Cer te deserves a gold star.  Since we launched the Midtown Lunch Sandwich Challenge Cer Te, on 55th btw. 5+6th, has used it as their own personal promotional machine- which of course was ok with us because we were getting amazing sandwiches.  There was the Thanksgiving Dip (which I believe is still available on Thursdays), the Bayou, the Primavera, the Mexican torta, and the soft shelled crab.  And of course that whole lobster roll thing, which was kind of an honorary entry.

The slightly upscale deli took the month of July off, but they plan on coming back with a bang in September and want you to help pick the sandwich of the month.  Every Monday and Tuesday, today through the end of August, they will be serving 5 (yes, five) special Midtown Lunch sandwiches and asking you to vote for the best one.  Shameless promotion designed to get Midtown Lunch’ers to come in and eat five sandwiches?  Of course. But once you see some of these sandwiches, maybe you won’t mind as much.

Check out the list after the jump…

  • Colonel’s Heart Attack: Southern Fried Chicken Breast, Mac n Cheese Melt with Collard Greens served on a Biscuit
  • Portobello Lettuce Tomato (PLT): Smoked Portobello, Arugula, Roasted Tomatoes with a scallion and caper aioli on a sliced semolina club
  • Croque Monsieur: Jambon, gruyere on brioche with a thyme béchamel
  • Florentine BBQ: Melted short ribs with Bel Paese and an arrabiata tomato chutney served on a tuscan round
  • Gulfano (Southwestern Cuban): Braised shoulder pork, Tasso ham, Tomatillos, Jalapeno Mustard and Monterey cheese on a pressed Panini baguette

My lord.  Is the mac n cheese served on the actual fried chicken sandwich?  That would be out of control.  Kudos to you Cer Te. You have now insured that I will come eat at Cer Te multiple times over the next month- and I’m guessing I’m not the only one.  (At the very least I’m going to have to try the Colonel’s Heart Attack, the BBQ sandwich, and the Southwestern Cuban.)

As always, the sandwiches are $8.95 and available for take out, delivery, and eat in. Once you try the sandwiches, you can vote for your favorite on their blog.  The winning sandwich will be the special sandwich for the month of September.

Cer Te, 20 West 55th St (btw. 5+6th), 212-397-2020


  • Colonel’s Heart Attack. I wonder how that would hold up for delivery.

  • I vote Heart Attack as well.

    I’m about to cry tears of joy. Cer Te, I loveth thou

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    omg @ heart attack. that sounds delicious

  • Is there really any choice other than the Heart Attack?

  • I love these guys. I just finally convinced my office to use them as our caterers instead of shitty Bread & Company. It’s actually cheaper! Can you believe it? Real food costs less than watery tuna on a cardboard bun with a bad attitude.

    I can see myself eating multiple Gulfanos.

  • Well I guess I’m headed there for lunch. Heart attack here I come!

  • I’ll have the Heart Attack and then it’s off to Wakamba for drinks.

  • This is genius… Someone there really has a good head for their business. Heart attack of course sounds the best and Zach nailed the top 3

  • I will get on a train for that shit! choo choo!!!

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    just had the heart attack.. but there was no mac in the mac & cheese…. other than that… as advertised i guess, but i woulda liked more crunch on the hcicken… it was okay

  • I just had a heart attack (what a great phrase). It was pretty good, though as sushiburger points out, the chicken wasn’t really crunchy and there was no detectable macaroni present. The flavors were good, if a bit muted — both the cheese and the collard greens were quite mild, and I think it would have helped if either or both of them were more assertive. It also suffers from a lack of structural integrity, especially after the collard juice has had a chance to dissolve the bottom biscuit on the way back to the office. But that’s nitpicking. This was a solid sandwich that was worth the walk.

    All told, though, you have to admit that the idea behind this sandwich is the work of a genius/madman. It’s tasty and it’s filling, and I can’t wait to try the others. I have a feeling that some of them are going to surpass the Colonel, given that they have stronger flavors and pork products involved.

  • I guess the image didn’t work and I can’t see how to edit my post. Picture’s on Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/masto/3761902213/

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    I just finished the heart attack and I thought the sandwich lacked flavor. The different textures work, yet the only flavor comes from the fried chicken. The collard greens and mac n cheese did not stand out. The biscuit was pretty good and held up holding the sandwich together.

  • I just had the heart attack as well. Although I liked it, I second (third?) the no mac! It was just cheese sauce. It needed salt as well the cheese was very bland. The chicken was cooked perfectly however and it was really juicy and delicious. Overall I’d say 7/10. It was definitely worth the price of admission. My coworker had the gulfano and he absolutely loved it.

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    Just had the heart attack as well. confirmed no mac on the mac and cheese. Chicken was well prepared but the sandwich lacked any semblance of balance. It felt too much biscuit and not enough chicken, collard greens, or cheese sauce. All of it was really mild tasting, and the biscuit was just ok. Needed to be more flaky and buttery. Amazing concept, mediocre execution, but was a valiant effort Certe.

    Gulfano or the shortrib is next on my agenda for tommorrow.

  • Maybe they use the same M&C that danku uses for their krokets.

  • My apologies to Cer Te for likening them to Danku in any way.

  • I decided to try the polar opposite of the heart attack and ordered the PLT instead. DELICIOUS. I’m not a huge portabello fan by any means and many of you might scoff at it as a “frou frou” sandwich, but this is a tasty sandwich! The bread is nicely grilled and the aoli they put on this thing is awesome.

    PLT FTW!

  • Thank you for all of your comments- we are going to take them into consideration as always, we are already making changes to The Colonel’s Heart Attack.

    To clarify the “Mac n Cheese Melt” is the melted cheese that we use in our mac n cheese entree. Our apologies for the misleading ingredient name. Due to the demand for a pasta element in the mac n cheese melt we are adding acini di pepe to the cheese sauce. We were worried you wouldn’t finish the work day, excuse our doubts, we should know that the cast iron stomachs of ML’ers would prevail.

    Don’t forget to start voting on our blog

    We need your votes to quantify who should win this challenge and keep the comments coming! Ultimately they will be very helpful in guaranteeing that our September entry is excellent and catered to your tastes!

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