Today is the Final Day For Rock Center’s “Tastes of Summer”

Brasserie Ruhlman Grilling Up Kobe Burgers at “Tastes of Summer”

A couple of commenters clued me in to the fact that Ina Garten’s kitchen isn’t the only thing going on in the Rock Center plaza this week. It’s accompanied by a “Tastes of Summer” outdoor food court. Sadly nothing is being giving away for free, but there is lunch being sold by some of the area restaurants.

It’s fun when there are food events like this in Midtown, but most of the food at this one is completely useless since you can just walk an extra few feet to the stores themselves and pay the same amount of money for the same food. But there were three burger options that are worth mentioning…

Rock Center Cafe, AJ Maxwell’s, and Brasserie Ruhlman were all cooking up burgers that I’m pretty sure are cheaper than what you’d pay in the restaurant:


Brasserie Ruhlman was selling a Kobe beef burger for $8, with cheese for $9. Some will complain that Kobe should never be turned into a burger. So those people can check out…


… the good looking $7 cheeseburger being served by the Rock Center Cafe.

Finally AJ Maxwell’s was there, selling two mini-burgers for $8, and a steak sandwich for $10. This is the one burger I have had… and it’s good. I’m pretty sure you can still get the two mini-burger deal for takeout every day at AJ Maxwell’s (for $10 with a soup or salad), but for those who don’t care about the soup or salad, this is a better deal.

Don’t know if either of the first two burgers are any good, and with the other burger specials going on around Midtown this week it might not be worth it… but they looked good, and there are few things better than eating a quality hamburger grilled outside on a BBQ. Anybody try this out? Let us know in the comments. It’s open from 11am to 2pm, and according to this schedule, today is the last day.

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    I jumped into the burger situation knowing I was either going to go for the Rock center burger or the Ruhlman kobe burger. Purely from observation, the only thing the Rock center burger had going for it was size, which in of itself is an important factor. But when it comes to burgers size isn’t always the best tell, seeing as the delicious but not enormous burger joint burger always leaves me longing for more. The Ruhlman burger seemed juicier fuller, but what sold me was the bun, which was glazed and toasted. When people take their buns seriously, you know they take their burgers seriously. And kobe cheeseburger did not disappoint (they even managed to keep them relatively on the red side), definitely worth the extra couple bucks as it came with chips and a pickle.

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