At Lunch Now: Clearly My Love of Chinese Food is Genetic


My dad’s in town today from Miami, working out of a building on Lex btw. 46+47th. I gave him a choice of lunch spots I could meet him at within a few blocks from the building and naturally he chose Hop Won (on 45th btw. Lex+3rd). I recommended my two favorites, roast pig over rice and sauteed udon noodles with pork- to which he exclaimed “those are my favorites too!” Isn’t DNA a wonderful thing?

The sauteed udon was great, as always, but sadly the roast pig over rice wasn’t as life changing as when I had it at sister restaurant Hing Won (on 48th btw. 5+6th), and the portion wasn’t as big either. I suppose it’s to be expected that once the dish became popular, they’d cut back on the portion (or maybe it’s just inconsistent.) The cracklin’ was still out of control good though, and it was most definitely worth the $6. What did my dad think? He loved both dishes (and is probably recommending them to anyone who will listen, as we speak.)

Roast Pig Over Rice is Available at Kar Won and Hop Won
Hing Won Has a Twin Sister, Serving Best Cheap Chinese Food to Midtown East


  • How about a picture of all three of you for Friday’s round up, three generations of Midtown Lunchers enjoying street meat, sidewalk thai food or liver sandwhiches!

  • YOu are going to turn into a pig just like my husband.

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    can you get sauteed udon with roast pig? that would be the ultimate.

  • Heh. I went to hing won today as well. I had the Roast Pig and Duck combo. I never had duck before either. Pretty good stuff.

  • @adam -they’ll do a combo with the roast pig!?!? oh my. i wonder if they’ll do a roast pig/roast pork combo. That would be awesome…

  • Oh, RIF. I havent been to Hop Won yet. I guess I’ll have to try that for the trifecta of roast pig.

  • Zach, uh, I don’t see why not. The Pig/Pork/Duck meats are all the same price, so logic prevailed in ordering the 2 meat combo with Pig and Duck. I’d be surprised if they shot down a request for Pig&Pork.

    They even have a 3 meat combo for 3 bucks. You could get the hingwon equivalent of a pigout: roast pig, roast pork, and spareribs. 3 little piggies for sure.

  • erm. I had 3 on the mind.

    3 meat combo is like $10 or so…

  • @adam: Are you trying to kill Zach?

  • Do a fatty/ heart-clogging combo – Duck, Roast Pig and Roast Pork. There’s a lot more cholesterol in the duck than the boney ribs.

    No way they should say no to Pig & Pork. Not like you’re asking for lobster, plus the Duck has more retail value than roast pork anyway (Just my opinion because roast pork/ char siu with rice has been viewed as a cheap/ poor man’s lunch/ dinner before. Delicious nonetheless.)

  • Is dad Jewish too, or just mom?

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