Cafe Edison Owner Passes Away

Cafe Edison, Midtown NYC

Sad news in the New York Times yesterday: Harry Edelstein, owner of Cafe Edison (on 47th btw. B’way+8th), passed away on Monday at the age of 91.  The ML fave for matzoh ball soup, borscht, blintzes, and potato pancakes was closed yesterday for his funeral (and will be closed during lunch today for a movie shoot.) Today, we’ll pour out a little of our Dr. Brown’s cream soda in his honor…

Celebrate the New Year at Cafe Edison


  • So sad. I swear this place is the cheapest pre-theater dinner possible. …Also, best grilled cheese in Manhattan. Broadway is dimming its lights tonight in honor.

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    That’s terrible news, my heart goes out tothe family.
    91 huh? 10:1 he tripped over his ball sack.

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