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Shendy'sIt sounds like last week’s Street Meat Palooza 2 caused a few problems for some of the vendors that scored well. Kwik Meal, the winner, reported larger than normal lines, while on twitter there were complaints of a 20+ minute line at Shendy’s (the second place cart) that was not moving. And this one probably has nothing to do with SMP 2, but another lunch’er complained they got a counterfeit $10 bill from the Steak Truck (the waffle fry plate of street meat that surprised everyone by taking 4th place.) On Wednesday I waited on line at the Famous Halal Guys cart (SE corner of 53rd & 6th) for 15 minutes, but that’s pretty much been the standard wait for at least a month now.  See the results from Street Meat Palooza 2 here >>


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    I’ve been reading ML since last year’s SMP and was hooked to site instantly. I love street food so SMP was right up my alley. I waited a few days this year to venture out to carts. I don’t like waiting on long lines due to 1/2 lunch break. I finally tried Steak Truck today and I really liked the combo. Not as salty as most. Waffle fries was a nice bonus. I asked for extra hot sauce and the taste was a beautiful thing. It’s very close to my office and at 1pm there was 1 person in ahead of me. XPL is usually my to go place but I think I found a new favorite. Next stop will be the beef liver sandwich. Can’t wait.

  • Dammm, gotta start carrying around exact change more often. Not to say street vendors will cheat but also possible there are peeps paying with monopoly money out there.

    Have a solid 5 out for 53rd/6th so they can’t even try to 6 bucks you if it’s happened to you before. Also, pay it right away. Don’t even let them think about that extra dollar if you feel they trying to treat you like a non-regular.

    After reading about the Mr. Softee/ grimey hot dog vendors who cheat innocents by swindle or out of correct change, it’s better to have exact. Huge wad of singles.

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    I went to Shendy’s for the first time last week twice and LOVED it. However, the vendors do take their sweet time. Also the guy was disgustingly flirting with me and my other female coworker (we both went on different occasions). Bleh.

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    I also tried the Steak Truck’s chicken and rice combo today for the first time. Had it not been for the contest, I probably wouldn’t have known that the make a great C&R. The chicken was perfectly cooked and I liked their blend of spices. The seasoned fries, slice of pita, and chickpeas also made for a more delightfully unique meal. As for the line, there was barely a wait at all. Very quick service.

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    More meat, less milk.

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    I’ve always lucked out at the 53rd & 7th location of the 53rd & 6th cart — little to no line, huge portion, and I like the new addition of green peppers and onions on top. No line after SMP2 was posted, either, though I tend to go out for lunch on the early side.

    Still no luck getting kofka though — last Thursday they promised it’d be there Friday, then Friday came and they said it’d be another hour before they’d have it. Understandable, given I usually go around 11:30 and I’m guessing most take their lunches later, but the guy surprised me with a free Snapple as a consolation prize. I don’t like Snapple and really didn’t expect anything — but hey, nice gesture.

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    Update: kofka a success! Pretty dry, lots of spices in the mix but not enough salt, probably would be great with some white/hot sauce, maybe in sandwich form instead of over rice and salad. The 53rd & 7th cart gets their normal ‘delivery’ of kofka daily from the 53rd & 6th cart around 1 p.m., but a few patties were on the grill when I went, at 11:45. Glad I finally got to try it, though I think I’ll stick to lamb and chicken.

    P.S. Lamb and kofka combo platter (rice, salad, pita) was $5.

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