Girl Who Ate Everything Hits Up K-Town


  • woohoo… my picture was one link away from midtownlunch.

    <- colin

  • i’ll have to try the jjajangmyun at hyo dang gak. i usually head to shanghai mong for my noodle fix. especially during basketball season if i’m going to be at MSG for a game. quick bowl of noodles for $7 beats anything offered at MSG.

  • I’ve always been confused by the fact that Korean jjajangmyun and Chinese zha jiang mian are related.

    One is noodles with seafood and black bean sauce… the other is noodles covered in ground meat. How did you get from one to the other?

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    What Colin didn’t say up there was that he dislikes jja jyang myun more than I do! I think if I added red pepper flakes (or something spicy) I would’ve liked it more. :[

    Anyhooo thanks for the link!

  • the red pepper flakes are a must! and you should drizzle some of the vinegar on the pickled radishes.

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