Midtown Happy Hour: The Mean Fiddler is a Great Place to Avoid Times Sq. Tourists


There are few things worse then stepping out of the N train stop at 49th Street and getting bombarded by lumbering tourists and fast talking theater sales men in Times Square. It was enough to turn my usually patient, well-tempered friend into a cranky malcontent within the short block from TGI Fridays to Olive Garden. However, with a quick turn onto W 47th Street the hellacious chaos turned down a notch and we ducked for cover at the Mean Fiddler.


The Mean Fiddler is a restaurant and pub with a late night dance club in its lower level- but this isn’t a night club review so let’s stick the brass tacks. Zach had tipped me off on this place and despite its typical Irish bar façade it had one deal that caught both our eyes. Happy hour is 12pm to 7pm with 4 sliders for $4 dollars. Given that sliders are usually $10 on the regular menu this was quite a deal. But wait there’s more!


It’s not everyday you see a bar having its own competing happy hour deals, but the Fiddler does. On the weekday I found myself there, a whole other happy hour special was in full effect. Something called the Big 4. All bottles and drafts were $4, with $4 shots and cocktails till 8pm. The shot special only included Kamikazes and Red Headed Sluts. [Insert your own $4 red headed slut joke here]

Nevertheless, the slider special was still on the table. They came in beef, buffalo chicken or vegetarian. Additional appetizers were on the special, but I didn’t want to mess around. Those sliders had my name written all over them. One of the inebriated guys at the bar slurringly (yes, I know that’s not a word) insisted I also order the buffalo chicken version too and who am I to argue with drunken wisdom like that? Hell, I practically slipped him my number.


What came out of the kitchen were two solid plates of mini-burgers, four per order. The beef sliders came with cheddar cheese, the chicken version came breaded and coated in a vinegary Louisiana hot sauce with a blue cheese dipping sauce. Both came with pickles and lettuce on the side. The chicken was moist and tender, though the crispiness of the batter was lost in all the sauce. The beef sliders were the hit of the show, providing great booze ballast to all the beer and cocktails.


Speaking of cocktails we ordered a few Guinness drafts and a couple mojitos. All $4 dollars, but something was not quite right. In an interesting bit of chicanery our Guinnesses (Guninessi?) came in what at first glance appeared to be an imperial pint glass (which would of course make the $4 beer special even better), but upon closer inspection it was revealed that the glasses were no larger than usual. Now don’t get me wrong. At no point did they advertise imperial pints, but a girl can dream can’t she?


  • Big 4 happy hour, plus a early bird happy hour suitable for lunch boozing
  • There 4 for $4 sliders are probably the best deal considering the proximity to the tourist trap known as Times Square
  • Ample seating, friendly waitresses, and late night Dj’s
  • A bar you can actually take your vegetarian friends too -veggie sliders are on the menu


  • Faux imperial pints and a confusing happy hour. Is it till 7pm or 8pm? Is the Big 4 everyday on top of your other happy hour listing?
  • Aside from the happy hour food specials the menu leans towards 10+ items. My friend had the chicken wrap for $10!
  • Red headed sluts should be less than $4 bucks, just sayin’

The Mean Fiddler, 266 W 47th St (btw. 7+8th), 212-354-2950


  • Guinness in a smithwicks glass…….

    Nice Buns tho Mama.

    And the Burgers look good too.

  • The sliders deal makes me happy – 123BSB can be a pain in the butt to head to, so this would make up awesomely for it!

  • …and wayne likes buffalo chicken burgers..

  • (knowing full well that I will be browbeaten and belittled just for askin….I still foolishly ask anyway)

    What’s a ‘red haired slut’?

    (Err, in the sense that it was used in this article, as opposed to someone simply answering ‘Wilma’, in which case I’ll get Barney to set Bam-Bam on ya)

  • A redheaded slut is a nasty nasty thing. Jager and cranberry. Dear lord why!?!?!?!

  • Im going to a proper pub:).

    Have a nice weekend anyone that wants one.

  • Including the faux 2x doctor?

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    update – slider deal is gone :( After keeping me well fed all summer, they have eliminated the 4 for $4 deal for those those tender little burgers with those little, itty-bitty grilled onions that just explode in your mouth like flavor crystals every time you bite into one.

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    Yes this place is great!The 1st time i went i had major fun.But the 2nd and 3rd time i went i was havin problems to get in.I felt like i was bein discriminated because im black.There is this 1 guy at the door who keeps lyin that theres a private party inside.Not once did he ask me and my 2 friends if we were on the list.He just told us “private party you cant come in.” As i watched a bunch of peolpe walk right in without him even saying a word to them. I even ask a few people if they knew the person throwing the event and they told us no they just walked in.Some strange guy even came up to us n told us that this guy was racist wait for the bald head guy to come out.I was so upset because i really had fun the first time i went with my caucasion boyfriend.When i told him about it he too was very upset.Just lettin yall know.

    • bitemerain, you should really contact the manager or owner. I’m sure the website has contact information, or call and let them know. Sounds like the issue is with the bouncer and more then likely the manager doesn’t even know what he’s up to outside. That’s really not cool, but you should tell them! I’m sorry this happened to you.

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    Bitemerain – The PLACE (owners – two brothers) are NOT racist!!!!! Take this from a BLACK man who is PERSONAL FRIEND of both owners/brothers!!!!! I’m sure you know MANY venues have a “door policy” and I love that as many of us do. Back in the day when I use to bounce at Magique (61st and 1st Avenue) – the great STUDIO 54 started this all; we a. would not let in a group of single guys – most woman do not want to be bothered by morons who can’t act as an “adult” and feel that because they bought them one drink they “own” them, and besides many woman hate a drunk – which some assholes can’t control and come out to purposely get that way, b. prefer to let in single woman first, c. looking to get a good balance/ratio mix of men to woman and d. maybe it was your approach to the rope or e. yes HE/THE BOUNCER was a racist – but that is doubtful since 2/two of my friends work the door and they are Puerto Rican and one of the other guys is BLACK. Remember you DID say he let you in the FIRST time there, If he were a “racist”, he would have NEVER let you in that first time. Besides there are MANY BLACK people who are there on any given night especially Friday and Saturday nights! Hope this was helpful to you. My wife and I are there almost every weekend.

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