TONY’s Street Food Picks

On the topic of street meat… Time Out New York published their list of the best “mobile eats” in New York City today. The list is kind of all over the place, but includes SMP2 winner Kwik Meal plus a few other Midtown Lunch faves- like Kim’s Aunt Kitchen Cart and the Street Sweets Truck.


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    By “best” they must mean “best except for the Jamaican Dutchy” which is so good it is deserving of its own list dedicated entirely to the curried chicken. A list of best street food that leaves off the Dutchy can not be taken seriously.

  • I like Dutchy alright. They’re definitely better than Kwik Meal in terms of a lunch choice. Not that Dutchy is admirably cheap but with the abundant halal choices, it’s not the same with Jamaican cuisine in Midtown. Kwik Meal? 53rd AND 6th Halal! And how could they snub Treats Truck? It’s a GOOD thing your Dutchy isn’t a part of their swiss cheese list.

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