Introducing the Midtown Lunch Twitter Tracker

Do you hate Twitter, but still want to know where the Treats Truck is every day?  Are you on Twitter, but don’t want your feed sullied by what the Wafels & Dinges Truck is doing at 7pm every night- once you’re already left work?  Well, we’ve got the solution.  By popular demand, we’re proud to unveil the “Midtown Lunch Twitter Tracker”.  (And yes, I will be happy to pay royalties to the Tonight Show. Call me, Conan!”)

Essentially the Midtown Lunch Twitter Tracker is a new page on the site that collects all the twitter messages sent by your favorite Midtown Lunch spots, and puts them in one place for your viewing pleasure.  It’s the perfect solution for all you twitter haters that secretly wish you had an account for the sole purpose of stalking the NYC Cravings truck, or finding out about the next Goodburger milkshake deal. You can find the link to the ML Twitter Tracker on both the left hand, and right hand columns of the site.  And the page updates in real time.

Check out the Midtown Lunch Twitter Tracker>>


  • Zach, this contribution to our world even surpasses your replacing yourself through procreation. You can now die peacefully from a massive street meat induced coronary as your work on our green orb is complete.

  • Wow Zach. You just boosted the reasons we already love you. (One of which is certainly “Without you, there would be no Harry” as Wayne points out) :)

  • awesome feature!

  • Hold on now Wayne, he still has to raise Harry to an age where he can maintain this blog – and then yeah, its a double feature lunch of a Tad’s ribeye chased down with a walgreen’s sandwich, preferrably deep-fried

  • I totally had that idea. But since I didn’t execute on it, I’m glad someone did.

  • The Tad’s ribeye chased down with a deep fried Walgreen’s sandwich idea?

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    dear zack. you are a genius. i am one of those ppl who doesn’t want to sign up for twitter (i know, shame on me, but i think its too advanced for my 23 years…)and its blocked at work but now i can stalk all my fav trucks and maybe try some new ones! yay!

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