Lobster Deal Reminder

Don’t forget today is $9 lobster roll day at Certe (take out or delivery only on 55th btw. 5+6th.)  Should be a nice way to kick off your July 4th weekend… (Update: And there’s already a photo posted in the comments.  Looks pretty good!)


  • Got mine. I’m not from Maine, so I don’t know what a true expert would say.. honestly I’m not even a big lobster fan. But I say it’s damn tasty.


  • Damn…that does look good.

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    just got mine… man.. that is so much better.. good job certe… definitely made up for the first time around..

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    if you haven’t had lunch yet.. go get this!

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    I thought this was an awesome lobster roll.

    Quite authentic – and even though there was celery, it was an appropriate amount, the lobster was meaty and plentiful and chunky, the roll was buttered and toasted, and the side items delicious. Poppy seeds in the cole slaw – who woulda thunk it!

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    Certe does it again! Just had the Lobster roll, and it was delicious. The portions were much better than the soft shell crab sandwich, and I even got more potato salad and coleslaw this time. My only minor complaint was it seemed to lack some seasoning (like salt, old bay, or something) to enhance the flavors of the lobster. If they had this every week at this price point it would be part of my weekly rotation.

  • Good stuff, this was my first trip to Certe, and even though this is a one time special I’ll definitely be returning.
    The Tabasco/Lemon is key to any good lobster roll, good to see they know that.


    All these rave reviews

    But lots of people on vacation this week

    How about doing the ‘real’ lobster roll again next week?


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    at least seven other people ordered one before i did. one of the cashiers: “i’m gonna be dreaming about lobsters tonight.”


  • i got one, too, and while everything was very tasty, the celery:lobster ratio was a lot higher in my roll than that in the one depicted by masto. i reallocated some of the celery to the cole slaw.

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