Brooklyn Brick & Mortars Jump on the Anti-Cart Bandwagon

I know this particular article isn’t about Midtown, but we’ve seen this same thing before- and will probably be seeing it again soon.  The New York Daily News is reporting that local business owners in Bay Ridge are seeking to have street vendors banned from 5th Avenue. The store owners, who pay up to $160,000 a year in rent,  are saying it is unfair that these street vendors are getting a free ride. And “Burger King owner Jay Syed, 56, said not only has he lost 20% of his business since the carts cropped up last summer, but he also believes the vendors are polluting the streets and attracting rodents.”  (I love the irony of a Burger King owner being concerned about pollution.)

A letter was written to Mayor Bloomberg and the matter is now being taken up by the neighborhood Community Board and the Small Business Services Department.  If they do end up banning the vendors, it could set a dangerous precedent that could spread to other neighborhoods… including Midtown. [New York Daily News]

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  • Screw the mortar shops. 5th ave from Sunset Park to Bay Ridge is a delicious mecca of street food. I hope the street vendors get some support.

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    I would be much more sympathetic with the brick and mortar shops if they didn’t quote a Burger King franchise owner. I have no doubt that street vendors can affect store fronts, but why not find a low-margin deli owner who is just eking by as is?

  • Well I agree about 1 thing, Street vendors should be good neighbors and keep their area swept and clean, and provide large trash receptacles. But, there’s a reason by brink and motor shops have higher operating costs, it’s because they actually get a real location, that can be warm in the winter and cool in the summer, and will always be there, unlike street vendors who can take huge losses if it rains.

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