Accolades Continue to Pour in for HB Burger

HB Burger

Nick Solares, from A Hamburger Today, joins Josh “Mr. Cutlets” Ozersky as the latest blogger to bestow praise on the 4 month old HB Burger (on 43rd btw. B’way+ 6th).  I was pretty quick to write off this sit down restaurant/burger joint owned by Heartland Brewery simply because of their prices (everything might be “under $9″, but order anything but a burger and you are going to be spending well over $10.)  But now that the two most esteemed burger bloggers in the city have weighed in with nothing but praise, I’m starting to reconsider my stance.  I mean, hell, if I can spend $7 on this burger, I suppose spending $7.50 is not that much more of a splurge. I still think that at its core HB Burger is not what anybody would consider a real “Midtown Lunch”, but whatever.  Good food is good food, right?  Anybody else been?  What do you guys think?

A Fantastic New York City-Style Burger from HB Burger [A Hamburger Today]

Heartland Brewery’s New HB Burger is Now Open


  • What was weird is that I went via the Link, read the article, and their, in the comments is DocChuck! Now, first, his comments were in good taste. Second, I thought he was OUR special DocChuck but I guess not, eh? (The Eh? was thrown in ’cause it’s Canada day.)

  • By “the link” you mean the one to Cutlet’s piece – DocChuck is unfortunately a scourge on dozens of food blogs all over….he has been banned from more blogs than most of us have ever even read. You’ll never see his entries on SeriousEats for example, as he was banned there over two years ago.

  • I had the cheeseburger yesterday. The burger patty itself is thick and juicy. But not as juicy as a Shake Shack burger. I also thought it was lacking in real beefy flavor. The bread seemed to hold up well with the burger juice. It was ok though. I guess if we want to call Shake Shack a 9 out of 10, then this one is a 7 out of 10

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    Just went today for a burger.

    I called ahead to make sure the good press wasn’t going to create a massive wait and they said it would be a 5-10 minute wait. Fine.

    Showed up and waited for 30 minutes while multiple parties that arrived after me were seated ahead of me. Apparently they can’t put a party of 3 at a table for 4, even though there were at least 5 tables in site that had 4 chairs and only 2 diners. Whatever.

    We get seated downstairs with few other patrons. The hostess promises that the situation will get better and takes our drink orders. 15 minutes later, the waiter finally comes by to apologize for the wait, take our food orders and promise that he will bring the drinks. That takes another 10 minutes. >:O

    In the meantime the manager comes over to apologize on end about the situation and comps our lunch. Nice!

    The food took easily 30 minutes to arrive after we ordered and the burgers were overcooked and the mushroom toppings were cold. I could see that this could be a very good burger if it was done right, just not this time.

    Overall the meal took over an hour and a half and the staff was awful. Do not try having a lunch there on a tight timetable.

  • Am I the only one who thinks Ozersky is full of a little more than ground chuck? I feel he’s a “burger snob,” with all the connotations of wine snobbery. It’s all empty vocabulary and condescension to cover up for unimpressive tastes.

    Maybe I’m just angry because I tried the Veselka burger on his recommendation and thought it unmemorable, and not just because I was blackout. It’s pretty bad when I’m that drunk and don’t like a burger.

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    I too went in on the promise of a great burger. All too often food never lives up to the hype, however, this is not the case with HB Burger. I was pleasantly surprised how juicy the burger was. It had great flavor & can’t wait to come back with co-workers.

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    I ate here on a thursday evening, around 6pm. It wasn’t crowded, and the service was not bad. Although, there was only one person manning the phone delivery and front.

    Burger wise, I got the beef burger w/avocado and bacon. I would suggest not getting the avocado, as it overpowered the taste of the burger since they cut it thick, or eat the avocado first like I did then eat the burger :-) :-)

    The burger itself was good, cooked medium rare. Very reasonably priced for that area, and I would definitely go back. But the winner for me was the tator tots..which are not REALLY tator tots like the traditional tots, but mashed potato with string potato on the outside fried. It was really really good imo. (although, I do love potato’s in any form :)

    Now, they just need to put the fried egg on the menu as a topping ;)

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