A Eulogy For Fashion Soup


At the beginning of the month we reported the sad news that Fashion Soup (on 41st btw. 6+B’way) had closed. Last week Lunch’er Kay sent in this email detailing the final days of the Midtown soup institution.

“I read your article in the NY Times just today and thought I’d tell you what little I know about Fashion Soup, which was my favorite lunchtime destination (I work at 7 Times Square, just down the block from the place). On a Tuesday at the end of May, I went there for lunch and found a sign outside, and a big truck parked on the street in front, saying they were auctioning off all the fixtures. I went inside and all the tureens, pots, etc., were lined up clean as a whistle and being sold. It was my thought that perhaps they were going out of business because of the economy, because not so many people wanted hot soup as it got to be summer.”

“I was extremely disappointed because their Cream of Roasted Portobello Mushroom soup was out of this world and my ultimate favorite. Two days later, I went by again. There was a sign on the door, a farewell from the customers who will miss Fashion Soup. The space was empty… except for a chair. The lady who always took my money (I never learned her name) was sitting on it, not looking very happy. I was so glad to see her. I went in and asked her what had happened. She said the landlord had asked them to leave, without giving them the option of increasing the rent or anything. She told me that she had been in that location for 11-12 years and right now was still in a state of shock and hadn’t formulated any plans for the future. She said she will post updates on her site, http://www.fashionsoup.com. I hope she finds somewhere else to establish herself, hopefully close to the old site so her “regulars” can catch up with her again. I was glad for the opportunity to tell her how much I had enjoyed her food, thank her and wish her well for the future.

So, if anybody finds any soup place near here comparable to the one we just lost, please let me know. Best, Kay”

Urgh, that is really depressing (especially if it’s true that the landlord didn’t even give them a chance to pay the higher rent.  It just goes to show that buildings would rather have Hale & Hearty as a tenant, than an old school soup shop.  I hope they do pop up somewhere else, although it looks like the Fashion Soup website has already been taken down.  As for the empty space,  we’ll keep an eye on what the landlord ends up deeming “worthy” of taking Fashion Soup’s place.

Got another soup recommendation for Kay?  Let her have it in the comments…

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