Final Shot at Street Meat Palooza 2

Just a reminder today is the last day you can nominate or vote for a cart to be included in Street Meat Palooza 2, our chicken and lamb over rice showdown going on next week. A few of the commenters will be chosen to be participants/judges.  And don’t forget, even though SMP2 is closed to the public, you can also enter to win a spot by purchasing a Vendy Award ticket before Midnight tonight. Good luck!


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    Nomination: Halal cart on the NE corner of 52nd and Lexington. Order the “brown” rice. It’s a spiced basmati-type rice that rivals XPL. The chicken is cooked nicely with hints of carrot, cabbage and broccoli that make for a nice contrast. Trust me, Zach. This cart will surprise a lot of folks.

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    and they will also add spicy pickled cauliflower, carrots and jalapenos upon request…

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    Nomination: Halal truck on 27 between 10+11. In the heard of the club zone, this guy is the best. White Sauce comparable to 53rd and 6th and amazing hot sauce. Has a nice jalapeno taste to it. Big pieces of real chicken and great chunks of lamb. Was totally shocked my first try late at night and have been going back since even when not going out!

  • is 53rd & 6th really “known” for their “white sauce”? I think they have your run of the mill watered down ranch. It’s the lamb/chicken/rice itself that sets them apart.

    Also, to nominate you need to post to the original nomination post (I think?)…

  • I think 53rd and 6th has a decent white sauce but really more props should go to their tremendous hot sauce.

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