Lunch in the Park

If you have a friend or loved one that is self employed (or unemployed) and wants to meet you for lunch in Midtown, you should forward them this post by the Amateur Gourmet. Not a bad idea at all…


  • aww that’s pretty cool. when I worked by Central Park all the girls at my job would get together and have a picnic. Like the post, we’d climb a rock or find a nice patch of green. Someone would bring hummus, bread, spreads from Fairway, others a little bit of sangria, homemade pasta and cheese. It was the best work lunch ever.

  • Doesn’t “climb a rock” mean the same thing in England as “take a long walk off a short pier” means in the States? Rocks are kinda central to my life…..

  • The only thing that keeps me from eating at Central Park during lunch is the sweet smell of horse manure! :(

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