Darbar Grill Celebrates India With “Special” Buffet

Darbar Grill, which serves up an excellent $10.95 Indian buffet on 55th btw. Lex+3rd, will be changing things up a bit for the next two weeks. Starting today they’ll be celebrating the “diverse cuisine of India” by offering an all you can eat lunch buffet highlighting regional specialties from all over the country. That means dishes like saag paneer from the North, dosas and idly from the South, coco mustard sauce from the East, and a few Goan dishes from the West. That’s the good news. The bad news is they’ll be raising the price to $14.95! It does sound pretty good though, so part of me wants to make an exception. Although I’ll be very unhappy if after two weeks they decide to keep this whole $15 buffet thing permanently.

This should mean some extra business for Apna Taj, the $9.50 Indian buffet next door. They should get some spillover from the cheapos who don’t want to spend $15 on a buffet. The “special” Darbar Grill buffet lasts until July 3rd. Early adopters, let us know if it’s worth spending the extra $3.

Apna Taj Indian Buffet Lowers Prices to Compete With (the Most Excellent) Darbar Grill


  • It wouldn’t surprise me if they stayed. I wonder how much longer the $10 threshold will last before we’re stuck with streetmeat.

  • We need someone to exploit Indian street food ala zak pelaccio.

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    the food here is excellent. This celebration of Indian cuisine week on their part is a great idea from a business standpoint- the buffet lunch crowd can sample other dishes at the restaurant which they can order a la cart if they visit during dinner time. And what a great way for the restaurant to test the price elasticity of buffet lunches :)

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