Thanks to This Week’s Sponsor: Artisanal Cheese Center

Without sponsors this site would not exist… actually, who am I kidding. Of course it would. Everyone knows Midtown Lunch is just an excuse for me to stuff my fat face. That being said, it is nice to have help paying for my weekly lunch bill.

This month that funding was generously provided by the Artisanal Cheese Center on 37th Street and 10th Avenue, which hosts Wine & Cheese tastings almost every night, and ships gourmet restaurant quality cheese (and paired wines) to your door. Plus for a limited time only they’re offering Midtown Lunchers 15% off their entire schedule of classes or any cheese purchase from their website. Just enter the Promo Code “MDTOWN” in your basket before checking out. Great for yourself, or as a gift for Dad (hint hint).


  • It’s giving me a nice chuckle that the main ad right in the center of the blog in my session – and I have clicked around quite a bit and this ad remains – is for Zach’s favorite – Chee-poht-lay

  • Do they use un pasturised milk?…if not….it just the usual crap american soap.

  • User has not uploaded an avatar

    There’s no place to put the promo code during checkout

  • Artis anal cheese? Who’s Arti? And if you’re going to eat Arti’s Anal Cheese you better get a discount

  • In the basket, you will see promotional code enter box above your order. I just tried it and it works.

    Is Zach hinting his kid to get him wine & cheese classes for Sunday? :P

  • I’ll definitely check this out. My bf loves cheese.

  • damn, casadelun has a bf too. first mama, then yvo, now this

    only one who seems to be single is anastasia… but there’s probably a reason for that

    and it’s not the liverwurst

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