Midtown Happy Hour: Clancy’s

If you like to eat, chances are you like to drink (read: a lot of you are freakin’ lushes), so I thought maybe it was time to introduce a happy hour column to the site. Every week, our Happy Hour Correspondent “Mamacita” will post about a different bar in Midtown that fits the Midtown Lunch mentality: unhealthy food, not lame (unless it’s lame in a cool way), and most importantly… cheap.

Midtown Happy Hour Clancy's

You’d have to be a blind drunk not to notice the multitude of Irish pubs in Midtown. There’s practically one on every corner and most of them do not rise up above the fray to distinguish themselves as a great ML hangout. This week we continue the Irish theme with Clancy’s Pub and Restaurant. Though I will make no claims that this is not just another generic pub, what did lure us in was a good happy hour that lasted till 8pm, where most on this block ended at 7pm.

Starting at 5pm through 8pm Clancy’s has changing drink specials, like $5 cosmos, apple-tinis and bottles of Bud, Amstel and Heineken. Well drinks were regular price at $5, but came with a good pour. A Guinness ($7) comes in a proper Imperial pint (20 ounces). Our bartender was a shy, rosy-cheeked Irish boy that eventually agreed to a photo for the ML ladies.


He was even kind enough to give us the rare 10-minute warning that happy hour was about to end. I can’t remember the last time a bartender was that considerate. The atmosphere was very mellow on the night we went. The bar was half full and most of the crowd seemed to be regulars. The food tends to be pretty typical of an Irish pub and sadly most lunch and all dinner options are out of the ML price range. Burgers and sandwiches run from $8-12, with entrees in the teens. However they do have an assortment of late night menu items like chicken fingers, satay chicken and spring rolls ($8) to mozzarella sticks ($7) and smoked salmon ($11). I can’t say any of these are a good deal or amazing. In fact a look at the whole menu proves to be nothing outside of the same ordinary pub grub you see duplicated throughout midtown.

Midtown Happy Hour Clancy's

Seems like Clancy’s is a bigger draw for their drinks and many large plasma screens providing coverage of all Irish sporting events and some American and European events. I could see myself coming here for a pint and to watch some football.. err.. I mean soccer, but probably not for dinner.


  • It’s a longer happy hour than most bars in this area, so even if you are working late you can still score a cheap drink before the commute
  • Late night menu for those with the munchies
  • Good pours on the mixed drinks
  • Bartenders are sweet and not too bad on the eyes


  • All in all with such an excess of Irish bars in the area you might find another one that is just as good
  • No solid happy hour, it changes every day and that is frustrating if you like a stable bar to have your usual drink at
  • Menu is uninspired just like every other Irish pub, many boring American dishes (burgers, tuna melts, chicken wraps) with your typical Irish additions (fish and chips, shepherd’s pie)

Clancy’s, 978 Second Ave, 212-755-8383


  • Bud, Amstel and Heineken.

    Irish Bar?

    My arse.

    If an “irish” pub dosn’t do an Ulster breakfast ie: back bacon(unsmoked,colonials) sausage,Drisheen(blackpudding, without the yummy piggy blood) and Soda bread fried in bacon lard.

    Nice revue, as usual, enjoyed the ugly mick.

  • When the happy hour times change every day do they twat them? Or do you have to serve from a truck to do that?

  • No nono, wayne….we Twat the welsh….we shoot the irish.

  • It’s not the happy hour times that change, it’s what’s on the happy hour special. So some days it might be only Bud and a random girlie drink that’s cheap, which is lame. I like an all drafts and well-drinks happy hour.

  • Only Bud…??

    no wonder god gave the irish their own curse

  • i should open a bar in MT..”rudy’s” has that been used?…id only serve european mini brews…and fish and chips….real cod cooked in beef dripping….mama ana as irish pole dancers….ie: they upcap ya beer with their lips.

  • i knew a girl who could do that with an apple in her mouth

    closest in NYC is “Cafe du Bruxelles” on 13th St and “A Salt & Battery” two doors down (west village)

    real beer, real food … no pole dancers though.. in that neighborhood just pole smugglers

  • Let me get this straight: bottles of Bud for $5 is a happy hour special?

    I think this may be the worst bar in the world.

  • DDR…..noone likes a lawyer that moans about prices.

    What do you charge an hour?

    ‘Nuff said.

  • Ulster fry………. No such thing.

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