You Might Be Buying Your Street Meat From a Dead Man

The NYPost today reports the completely-not-shocking news that street vendor licenses registered to people who are now deceased are being renewed and sometimes sold to other vendors. Considering how long the waiting list for a vendors license is, I’m not surprised that a family would continue to use (or even sell) their dead uncle’s license.  The shocking bit is how much these license renewals “lease” for on the black market.  Maybe if the city increased the number of licenses that were available, there wouldn’t be an illegal black market “leasing” these things for thousands of dollars. (Thanks to Lunch’er Dave for the tip)


  • Obligatory: “The streetmeat you might be eating might be a dead man”…

  • Is that why dirty water hot dogs taste so good? They’ve also been passed down from several generations of hot dog vendors… *barf*

  • Luncher Dave?? The tip was from me :o(

  • I saw on telly….Heston Blumenthal i think…theres a hotdog cart that payed $300.000.00 for it’s pitch.

    That’s an Aston DBS…….just to sell pig anus to tourists.

  • @ adam: My thoughts exactly. I’d buy from a dead man so as long as there is no Dead Man in my food. I think the licensing issue is BS. Its not fair.

  • How many times do I have to say this? Goddamn Mayor Bloomy! You’re doing it all wrong! Stop with this two year license/permit bullshit. Do it yearly. Do it as a live auction where the city takes all the profits. It’s so stupid to set these arbitrary fees like $200 per renewal when these permits are worth so much more.

    This would help everyone get more delicious food.

    And this program would pay for itself since current renewals by dead people nets the city $200. If the city auctioned permits, that’s $10000 vs $200. If you do yearly renewal auctions, you’re looking at $9800 x # permits.


  • Are the halal ass-whuppin’s included?

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    Somehow veterans worked out a deal that they get first dibs on vendor licenses. it existed way before bloomberg. i doubt it will change anytime soon. i for one don’t feel like screwing any veterans out of one of the few things our country actually does for them.

  • I hope there is a follow up and the dirty dogs get exposed and publicized. Oh that halal cart? The permit holder seems to be a Joe Bernstein who died 15 years ago

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