But What About the Red Velvet?


  • I stopped by Burger Joint for a cheese burger w/fries (called ahead unlike the throngs queued up in the lobby) :D and then walked over to Street Sweets – the whoopie pie was scrumptious and macaroon tasty!

  • They were out of the red velvet @ 1:30pm

  • They were out of it last week too! The chocolate cupcake was too crumbly for me.

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    Whaaaat? Really? Their red velvet was pretty terrible when I had it. Not really the right consistency for a red velvet – not moist enough, pretty bleh frosting…

    their brownies were too cakey, as well.

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    I roll my eyes at people who coo over red velvet cakes. Don’t people realize it’s nothing more than regular cake oversaturated with red food coloring? Blegh!

  • Tweet from Street Sweets just now: Sorry 2 disapoint, we’ve bn forced 2 move bcuz of the prssure that Bistro Milano & Pret exerted on the bldg & NYPD C u all nxt wk @ new spot


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    That’s the one thing I don’t like about this blog.

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