8th Ave. Red Mango Seized by City Marshal


Midtown fro-yo fans will be bummed about this one. Lunch’er “Myra” reports: “Red Mango on 8th Ave (btw. 45+46th) had a yellow Marshal’s Notice on the door, and 2 employees standing there a bit puzzled.” Confirmed by the photo above, the store was still closed as of 1:30pm (and nobody was picking up the phone as of 2:15pm.) According to one of the employees on the scene, it’s because of a dispute between the owner of Red Mango and the landlord who owns the building. He assured me they would reopen (and added “maybe even today”.) It hasn’t effected any of the other Midtown locations… the one on 3rd Ave. and 34th is still open as is the Koreatown location (who knew nothing about the problems with the 8th Ave. location.)

Update in the Comments: As of 4:30 they have reopened

A close up of the notice is after the jump…



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