Pampano Taqueria Closed By “Emergency” Plumbing Issues

From Midtown Lunch’er “Ariel”: “Pampano Taqueria’s been close since last Thursday due to “Emergency Plumbing Issues”. I was there yesterday and it was still not open. Do you have any idea if it is open today or could you start a new thread where someone will comment when it does reopen?” A call to the restaurant confirms that not only is the Taqueria closed, but also its upstairs fancy restaurant, Pampano. The issue has been fixed, but they are still waiting for the city to come back and say they are clear to reopen. (Sounds like a DOH thing, but the restaurant completely denies that.) The city told them they’d be out on Monday, but as of 11am this morning they haven’t shown up.


  • In Soviet Russia, Montezuma gets revenge before meal!

  • Oh no! I know you like El Rey del Sabor Zach, but I think Pampano’s is still the best midtown mexican option.

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    For some reason I can’t leave a comment on the olympic pita post, so I am going to post here (and maybe you can move it over to it’s proper thread). Am I the only one that finds Olympic pita to be the MOST confusing place ever?? I went there once and thought maybe it was becuase I was new that I wasn’t fully understanding their system, but there was no reason to it at all. it’s just a cluster of people trying to get their food, there were no defined lines, and when the guy behind the counter calls something out – everyone standing there claims that it’s “their order”. Sure the falafel was good, but not worth it. I even went back a 2nd time to see if I could make more sense of it and was more frustrated than ever. They really need to put numbers on the tickets so that you know when they are calling your order. I will stick with Kwik meal – in my opinion their falafel is better and so much easier to order.

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    The guy from El Rey del Sabor mentioned to me yesterday that they might be getting a 3rd cart for a location in the high 20s.

    He’s giving competition to all of the halal carts and wants to put them out of business…haha

  • I’m gonna have to agree with Boomshanka, and now that El Rey del Sabor has it’s 2nd cart across the street from Pampano, the rest of midtown will also learn that very soon…
    It’s just too bad Pampano has to compete with its neighbor, Sophie’s…MmMmMm, Sophie’s green sauce.

  • Emergency Plumbing Issues… first thought “the shit literally hit the fan.”

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    Pampano re-opened today. Hurray Tacos!

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