Funniest Thing I’ve Read All Day

Yes, as reported in the NYT this morning I will cover the “arrival of a new Chipotle” (ideally because they’re giving away free burritos!) But clearly they didn’t read “The Midtown Lunch Ultimate Burrito Theory (and how it relates to Chipotle sucking)” or the Midtown Lunch post that exposed Chipotle’s posted “calorie ranges” for the sham they are! (Spoiler alert: That burrito bowl you’re eating is not 130 or calories.)



    Sorry, but really. That would be like Obama/Bush congratulating Limbaugh/Stewart for an excellence in reporting award or something.

  • This is just more proof that twitter is for twits.

    What would be really spooky is if BurritovilleMedia sent along a congrats.

  • any publicity is good publicity? It’s like a sex tape, ha ha

  • Hahaha. Too much praise towards Baja Fresh probably also lead to this? No?

    Why isn’t Qdoba trying to get some ML love too? They should push out free quesadillas and nachos. HAHA.

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    Chipotle has a Twitter feed?! How much could they possibly have to say?

    “New idea: Next time, try asking for the beans between the chicken and rice!”

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