Wafels and Dinges is Now the Johnny Rockets of the Food Truck World

Wafels and Dinges

After a few months of being out of commission, Wafels and Dinges hit the road again a few weeks ago with a brand new, tricked out truck.  To celebrate, they gave away free wafels on Thursday… so naturally I was there to wait on line and get my bit of free waffle goodness. The new truck is quite a sight to behold, with a giant lit up menu and newly installed speakers that pump 50s music from Sirius/XM satellite radio onto the street.  If you’re really lucky, they’ll throw on the kind of annoying/kind of amazing “Waffle Song” while you’re waiting on line.  It’s really loud, and I’m guessing at some point it’s going to get them kicked out of at least one of their regular spots.  After15 minutes of hanging out, and listening to music, I thought for sure the guys serving the waffles were going to jump on top of the truck and start singing and dancing.

Wafels and Dinges

For free waffle hour, you got a half portion of whichever kind of wafel you wanted (brussels or liege) topped with two dinges (I went with banana and chocolate.)  Delicious.  Of course, the fact that it was free helped tremendously.  I’ve never actually done a proper post about the Wafels and Dinges Truck, which spends a few days a week in Midtown.  As you may or may not know, they not only sell waffles with sweet toppings but they also have savory waffle topped with BBQ pork and cole slaw that’s perfect for lunchtime. I posted about this when they introduced it back in October, but never actually got to try it for myself.

Well, as long as I was there…

Wafels and Dinges

$8 buys you a brussels style waffle (“light n’ crispy”), topped with a big scoop of BBQ pulled pork, another scoop of cole slaw, and a slice of watermelon pickle.  Now, I want to make it clear… I tried my best to fold this thing up and eat it like a sandwich- but it wasn’t going to happen.  I had my kid with me in the stroller, we were eating lunch on a planter, and I had no napkins.  Plus the waffle was already starting to sag under the weight of the pork.  I gave it a good effort, but in the end was forced to settle for the fork and knife approach.

The pulled pork is from Smokin’s Joe’s, a catering company in Staten Island that serves what Al Roker has apparently called the Best Pulled Pork on the East Coast (???)  It was fine, if you don’t mind your pulled pork completely chopped to bits and covered in a super sweet BBQ sauce. They offered it spicy, but I couldn’t taste the “spicy sauce” they claimed to have added.  Alone I probably would have thought it was too sweet, but on top of a waffle it almost worked. The cole slaw was fine (i.e. I ate it all) and the watermelon pickle was deeeelicious!  All in all a great effort for anybody who finds the idea of BBQ on a waffle appealing.  Now, if we could just get these guys to park next to NYC Cravings one day for a little fried chicken over waffle action, we’d be in business!

You can usually find the Wafels and Dinges Truck in Midtown Wednesdays (on 52nd btw. 6+7th) and Thursdays (on 45th btw. 6+7th) or follow them on their Twitter.


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    By “watermelon pickle”, you mean “cucumber pickle that’s been soaked in watermelon-flavored Kool-Aid”, right? I’ve never seen a watermelon with a 2-inch diameter like that.

  • I got the pulled pork last wednesday. Their microwave wasn’t working so I just told him to give it to me cold and I’d heat up at the office. Not only did he oblige but he gave me the whole package for half price ($4)!!
    I had no idea what the red thing was until now but it was realllly strangely good. All in all, a darn good lunch.

  • Yeah, it doesn’t look like an actual pickled watermelon.

  • amen to chicken and waffles

  • I had their waffel with nutella and strawberries once. It was good but so damn sweet!

  • how do you pronounce liege?

  • The prices on the truck did increase as well..the liege wafel is now $5, up from $4. It includes a topping now, but stinks bc I like it plain with powered sugar.

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    Is this the famous waffle truck my sister the foodie from Long Island raves about? Or are there other waffle trucks and this is only one of them?

  • Another amen to chicken and waffles!

  • I went today and plunked down $5 for a waffle with a free topping. Verdict: not worth it. The Belgian waffle was a bit dry, and fudge topping too sweet.

    Given full lunch meals are priced $6 at some street carts, $5 is a lot to pay for a snack/dessert that will leave you hungry in a couple o’ hours.

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