TONYK Calls Street Carts Fun For Kids

Time Out New York Kids jumps on the street food bandwagon, recommending Midtown favorites The Treats Truck & Wafels and Dinges plus the Ball Field Vendors, and Sammy’s Halal as great places to take your kids this summer. How my kid wasn’t interviewed for this piece, I will never know.  [via Serious Eats: New York]


  • Ok, i’ll do it……

    Love you lomg time.

  • Why the heck would kids want Sammy’s Halal? I’m sure they’d rather hit up hot dog vendors or pizza trucks. Even Mr. Softee would be far more welcomed.
    The article suggests people going to NY Hall of Science or Queens Zoo to hit up Sammy’s on 74th-Roosevelt? Why waste the subway fare? Go to main street-flushing and eat cheap chinese food instead. Haha.

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