Certe Will Attempt To Make Up For Friday’s Lobster Roll Debacle

Photo courtesy of Lunch’er “Chip Beef”

On Friday Midtown Lunchers poured into Certe (on 55th btw. 5+6th) for the chance to sample their “lobster roll” for the one day only price of $8.95.  I put lobster roll in quotes because as the complaints started to pour in it became clear that this sandwich was more of a lobster wrap than a lobster roll. This comment from Lunch’er “Sushiburger” pretty much sums it up:

Just had the Lobster Roll. They really shouldn’t call it a Lobster Roll since.. well… there’s NO ROLL! Maybe you guys knew this already but I didn’t realize that it was a wrap.. and not an actual roll. The lobster mix was fine… nothing amazing.. but nothing bad… it wasn’t too overloaded with mayo as fillers… and there was a decent amount of lobster, but having to eat it in a wrap just ruined the whole thing. i placed the order from my office to pick it up. and I couldn’t turn back since they had it ready for me right when i got there. In any case, it was pretty good for what it was but I was looking forward to biting into a roll and having the wrap was disappointing.

And Lunch’er “Chip Beef” added this:

“Apart from being served on a fucking wrap (uncool, unacceptable), Certe somehow saw it fit to include CORN and RED ONIONS in their lobster salad. These foolish ingredients totally overpowered whatever small amount of actual lobster flavor that this “thing” was packing.”

Certe (being the attentive Midtown Lunch readers that they are) immediately responded with this apology, and make good.

“We would like to apologize to everyone who was disappointed by the Lobster ‘Roll’ Special. In the future we hope to prevent this by providing a more thorough explanation of our food items when featuring them as specials. The special was done to honor loyalists of the [Certe version of the] sandwich- we have regular customers who order it every Friday. In this assumption, we isolated new customers and neglected to familiarize you with our style of the sandwich.

It is a lobster salad and it is a wrapped sandwich, we make it with our home made flat bread. We had no intention of being deceptive in this manner. In terms of ingredients, corn is often used as a compliment to lobster. In the future there will be no onions in the ‘corn salsa’ that is put in the sandwich.

As always, we appreciate feedback from the Midtown Lunch Community. Please e-mail your favorite lobster roll from the area to Marketing@certenyc.com . We will duplicate the most popular sandwich and offer a “classic version” on special, this July 3rd for the same price of $8.95.

Please continue to visit our café, share your opinion and as always- be passionate about lunch!

Thank You,
Chef Edward and the staff at Cer te

That’ll do Certe.  That’ll do.


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