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I can’t believe it has been almost 3 years since the first post went up on Midtown Lunch. The first lunch I wrote about was on June 7th, 2006, and Hing Won was the place. I’d like to say I started the site to help my fellow office workers find good lunch in this food wasteland we call Midtown… but truth be told, I only started Midtown Lunch because I wanted to have an excuse to eat gross, fattening food for lunch (and take pictures of that food.)  Now, three years later, what started as a fat man’s idea of the perfect hobby has grown into an amazing community of New York City office workers, sharing in the common misery we call lunchtime.

Without your tips, emails, suggestions, and comments the site would not be what it is today. So, with that in mind, I’m pretty excited to announce the launch of the Midtown Lunch Forums. Ideally this will be a place to make communicating with your fellow lunchers easier; an open place for you guys to ask questions and share recommendations, not just about eating lunch in Midtown, but also lunching outside of Midtown. There’s also a section for connections (if you want to find people to have lunch with) and a miscellaneous area for anything else you guys may want to talk about.  The only downside of the forums is that you will now have to register to comment.  It only takes 15 seconds, and all we need is your email address (which won’t be used for anything other than to verify that a real person is signing up for the account.) This measure is being done for two simple reasons: To ensure that the forum is kept spam free, and to guard against people posting under other people’s names.

You’ll also notice that the site has a completely new design.  Part of that new design is a brand new map, which is not only more accurate, and comprehensive than before, but also allows you greater control over the type of lunch you are looking for near the spot where you are going to be.  There’s also a new page that allows you to look for lunch alphabetically by restaurant name, and another page that allows you to search an alphabetical list of restaurants by food type.

As with any new site, there are bound to be bugs- so if you find any don’t hesitate to let me know in the forums, or by emailing me at zach@midtownlunch.com

Thanks for all your support-  and don’t hesitate to let me know what you think!  (You guys always do…)


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