Ask ML: How is Pronto Pizza’s Gyro?


After posting that you really have to go to 9th Ave. for a decent Greek style gyro, Lunch’er Susan emailed me to ask about a gyro special she had seen in Midtown Proper: “Pronto on 48th btw 5+6th, near Indus Express and Hing Won, has a gyro combo. Gyro, fries, drink for $6. Could this possibly be any good? I suppose stranger things have happened.” There are actually *two* Pronto Pizzas on 48th btw. 5+6th, but the gyro deal is at the one closer to 6th Ave. I stopped by there the other day to check it out.


I suppose they get points for having a real gyro spit. Most pizza places serve their sandwiches made from those pre-cut pre-processed long oval shaped gyro pieces. Sadly though, Pronto doesn’t even turn the thing on, so there is no crust on the outside. They slice the meat off the log, and grill it on the flat top- before putting it in the sandwich. Thanks, but no thanks. $6 is a good deal for all that food, but I think I’d prefer to walk to 9th Ave. (or even Famous Chicken place on 3rd Ave.)

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  • For the record, I emailed you before you wrote the post about Uncle Nicks.

    Thanks for looking. I suppose it’s still better than Walgreen’s.

  • Eat Me :-)

  • Ive always found a good indicator of a good Doner is that they slice it with a knife….instead of one of those USMC hair trimmer things.

  • Speeking of the Walgreen sandwhich, I know it is more then midtown lunch price guidelines, but now that Phal, in the new location is in midtown you should eat that and tell us is it really that hot. It is made here and not processes, so lets hear what it is like

  • You know you want to…everything tastes better fried.

  • Deep fried walgreen’s sandwich huh? I’ve had a battered and deep fried pizza at the Chip Shop, so I’ll take you on DFWS! come over and I’ll eat you out!

  • can he bring his friend geoduck?

    almost got through a day without mention of one….

  • If the gyro spit is not turned on, that means the unrefrigerated meat is sitting out all day and spoiling, as what happens at many food carts. This is hardly sanitary and, in fact, hazardous to one’s health. The Health Department needs to yellow sticker this place!

  • Is this the Pronto Pizza with the bar in it that I keep trying to get Mamacita to try for happy hour?

  • Scarlett I think the pronto your talking about is on 41st.

  • Hello!

  • I’m looking at you Mamacita!

  • Its all about the clam…

  • I’m putting on my Deep Fried Walgreens Sandwich disguise as I type this….

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