Channel 4′s Bacon Explosion is Available for Lunch (and is Under $10!)

Apparently the Chef at Channel Four took exception to Grub Street’s post about the bacon explosion now being offered at the restaurant. He emailed them to complain that they had used words like “hilarious” “puke” and “vomit” to describe something they had never even tried.  (If you are a little behind, the Irish pub Channel Four, on 48th btw. 5+6th, is serving a version of the “Bacon Explosion” a monstrosity that made the food blog rounds at the beginning of the year.)  Hilarious, puke and vomit all come to mind… as does “deliciousness” and “omg must have”.

GS also admits to being sarcastic about ordering it a day in advance… apparently it’s “tastefully served” as two thin slices inside a slider bun. Slider? You mean… a sandwich!  If this thing is under $10,  it would be perfect for the Midtown Lunch Sandwich Challenge!

I called Channel Four this morning, and found out that the chef changes it up every day depending on how he feels.  Sometimes as a slider, sometimes over toast… sometimes it comes with tater tots, and sometimes with corn pudding.  All depends on the day. The good news… it’s $9.95!  The bad news… they were pretty clear it was more of a snack than a meal.  That’s kind of disappointing.  Maybe the chef will create a $10 sandwich version for Midtown Lunchers.  Can you say Midtown Lunch Sandwich Challenge?!?!  C’mon Channel Four, let’s make this happen…

Channel Four is Serving the Bacon Explosion


  • Wow, now that’s something that should shame any imitation grease truck sammy…a overloaded-pork heart-attack gut-busting hero with a smidge of mayo, lettuce and tomato! Bring that monster on!

  • Is Pape Perone’s busting out Fat Daryl’s today?

  • If they were to make a bacon explosion sandwich THEN I think you can end the ML Sandwich Challenge in good conscience Zach.

    It would be like turning it up to 11… nowhere else to go

  • *snort* Spinal Tap haha!

    if they use two THICK slices, a good toasted bun, tomato, onion ring (or grilled onions), smear of spicy mustard…. maybe melted cheddar…..

  • Yes….YES… MORE….. add butter, russian dressing and a deep fried pickle!!!

    And grill it!

  • Butter? Rudy are you posting as wayne? ;-)

  • If I’m Rudy… then let’s add black pudding, beef fat, 6 pints and a page in the Big Book of British Smiles

  • I definitely have to try this.

  • wayne, you forgot that your recipe needs to include a derogatory comment about some ethnicity.

  • Toasted buttered english muffin, slice of fresh mozz, fried egg.

  • wake up sarah – that was covered with the insult re: british dental work

  • sorry, I didn’t pick up on it b/c it wasn’t about Koreans….

  • OK, I just had this for lunch. 1 slice served on a bun as a slider, and 1 atop 2 pieces of garlic toast, with some tangy barbecue sauce on the side. Not quite enough food for a lunch if you’re hungry, but ordering 2 at once seems like a bad idea. I may go back after work for another.

    Side note, apparently the folks from the original website are a bit mad at them…..I don’t see why, since anyone who tries this at Channel 4 and likes it will probably go to the original website for the recipe.

  • This is pretty POOR REPORTING by Grub Street. I read their post, and they make it sound like the BE really does have to be ordered in advance, which would deter many people. Although GS may think it was poking fun,” the information that came across was harmfully inaccurate. Which is why I don’t read that rag on any regular basis, btw.

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    Went with colleague today.. must say the bacon implosion is “explosively delicious” and a MUST-TRY!

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