McBallers: Be Prepared to Show Your ID in Penn Plaza

Have your I.D. ready if you like to show off at the Penn Plaza McDonalds by paying with large bills. The branch instituted an “anything over a $20 requires an ID check” policy to deter counterfeiters from passing phony cash. [Consumerist]


  • Great. Time to use Benjamins to buy dollar menu item and watch them give you mad change. ;-P

  • Order a happy meal and give them $100 note.


  • Or how about I buy Mickey D’s using all pennies? LOL.

    108 pennies for a 4 piece nugget then another 108 for their fruit parfait. Have fun counting it!

  • Everyone should calm down. The headline should be: McDonalds needs to see ID if you pay with a 50 or higher. How many times do you pay with a 50 dollar bill at McDonalds ?

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