Profiled Lunch’er Infidelity

The Seamless Web blog (yes, they have a blog) has started a “Seamless Webber of the Week” feature that looks awfully familiar. Sure, profiles are nothing new- but I can’t seem to shake the feeling that I’ve seen this week’s SeamlessWebber  before.


  • What the Fuck??? Doc Chuck, do me a favor and go attack that site stat! and her

  • Thats fuckedd ……traitor!

  • It’s like the skanks that go on every reality show in the world there called…….. um……. losers.

  • This proves there are hos in every area code

  • In some ways, “Shayna” reminds me of my own wife. In her earlier years she would do ANYTHING for attention.

    In the 1970’s my wife graduated from one of the distinguished “Seven Sister” colleges, moved to New Yawk City and embarked on a lifestyle where she enjoyed more than her share of “She-Crab Soup,” if you get my drift.

    I’m sure “Blue Nun” was involved, as well.

    Back then she was clinically a narcissist, I see that now. Much like our girl, SHAYNA

    Thankfully, there is a happy ending. She outgrew this phase (I am fairly certain) and married me. Tang, ambrosia, canned chinese food and Georgia O’Keefe paintings still bring back warm memories for her, though.

  • Shayna you shameless hussy! Same photo, same answers! Tsk, tsk!

    (But do you wanna hook up sometime? mrrrrraaaaaawrrrrrr…..)

  • Are her answers at least consistent?

  • Damn

  • I don’t understand why it’s a big deal. They asked her to do an interview so she did. If anything, you should be mad at seamless web for ripping you off.

  • Your right big perm or should I just call you Shayna.

  • I did some research based on a hazy memory and found that this may partly be your own doing on some level, Zach-o…

    If you recall, one of your Profiled Midtown Lunch’ers works for Seasmless (I’ll leave you to go dig in your archives instead of calling him/her out on the blog)

  • Screw that Waiting forBaja Fresh, call the B#@* out!!

    Justice for all!

  • At the very least, she should have given them another photo.

  • Without being mean (or at least trying not to be mean), it seems to me that the thing about Miss Menu is that she does not actually write about food on her food blog.

    If you actually look at her restuarant/food reviews, she frequently writes that something was “good” or “great” or “delicious,” with a brief description of the ingredients. There is barely any, and usually no, actual writing about food, flavors, sensations, textures, etc.

    I frankly don’t understand it. But it’s a work in progress.

  • Mamacita, I draw your attention to the week of Jan 13 2009 for the Midtown Lunch’er in question…

  • Mamacita: I’ll be helpful here: It’s the goofy guy in the bear apron.

  • the author of the seamless web blog is the selfsame richard berger, once profiled on this website!

  • Richard, you better watch your back, I wouldn’t walk down any darkened alleys. We’ll find you.

  • Could Richard be nailing Shayna? Oh the humanity…… and where does Zach fit into this incestuous food blog mayhem?

  • It’s friday afteroon.Everything will look ok by 9pm and few drinkiepoo’s.

    Stop being so………………….gay.

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