50% off Everything at New Deli

via Lunch’er Renee: “A new deli just opened on 44th btw. Mad+5th called Green Cafe. They are running a 50% off lunch special for the cold and hot buffet from 11am to 3pm. I actually purchased a salad and also got 50% off. It was delicious and only $3.97. Definitely worth it! I asked the cashier when the promotion was over. She said early next week, but the flyer says May 8th.”


  • Had a solid grilled chicken sub there yesterday. $7.25 normally and she charged me $3.75. Didn’t even realize everything was 50% off (I guess a little less for me) until then. They’re definitely working out the kinks but the place has a nice selection and is extremely clean at this point. The sign outside makes it seem like its called “Green Green Cafe” so it’s good to see that it’s not.

  • Is this somehow related to the new store on the corner of 45th and Lex. I remember it being called Green Room or something to that effect.

  • So its pretty much your average generic midtown deli, with sandwiches, sushi, buffet, salad etc. But i just came out with a huge container full of food and it was less than $5. Score!

  • It’s waaaay too greasy for me. There was some take-out style Chinese food at the hot buffet. Sounds all good but the cooking oil they use tasted like butter meets Crisco meets corn oil. But I paid in 1992 prices ($3.79) so I probably shouldn’t complain.

  • how’s the cold buffet section? how much is it per lb? thanx.

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