Is Hing Won’s Shredded Pork & Pickle Noodle Soup Overrated?


Last week, before I hit up the OTB I slipped into Hing Won (on 48th btw. 5+6th) for a bowl of their “famous” shredded pork and Chinese pickle noodle soup.  I’m a huge fan of Hing Won, and have been there a ton of times (it was the very first post on Midtown Lunch almost 3 years ago), but this was actually the first time I had tried the soup that the New York Times highly praised years and years ago (the article still hangs in the window.)  When I recommended it to yesterday’s profiled luncher, Lunch’er Dan L. had this to say in the comments:

Hing Won’s pickle noodle soup is overrated. It’s good, but almost everything at Hing Won is pretty good, and the pickle noodle soup doesn’t really stand out to me.

Thoughts? The soup was good, but didn’t strike me as so much better than the one or two others I have tried (although admittedly I haven’t tried many of the other soups… I find it very difficult to order anything but the roast pork over rice, or the sauteed udon with pork.) Any Hing Won experts out there want to weigh in? Are there better soups (or dishes) to be had? Is it time for Hing Won to take down that outdated article and let a new soup reign supreme? Post your thoughts in the comments…


  • The stuff I get at Hing Won is all pretty good, but I guess I wouldn’t call any of it great. The pork or duck cabbage soups are both good, so is the “little bit of everything” which is made with udon noodles and various meats / seafood and their dan dan noodle soup.

    They also recently added a curry soup with fish balls and squid that’s decent and their fried shrimp with vegetables is a lot of food.

    I like the sauteed pork udon too but I feel like it isn’t enough food.

  • # 15 Nooodle with spicy meat sauce is great. Like a Chinese Bolognese

  • I like the Cantonese Noodle Soup with Duck. It’s a fairly ridiculous amount of meat, noodles and wontons for $6. Definitely my go to dish whenever I’m at Hing Won. Need to go there this week before the weather gets too hot.

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