Bombay Bistro is Not Closed (Despite What Menupages Says)

DSC02115Yesterday a concerned luncher commented that Menupages had Bombay Bistro, the newish all you can eat Indian buffet on 52nd btw. 3rd+Lex, listed as closed. Well, no need to worry, I walked by yesterday and they are 100% open. They have changed their phone number from the one they opened with (it’s now 212-593-5425), and the owners used to own Diwan (on 48th St.) which *is* closed, so that’s probably where the confusion happened. It would have been a huge disappointment (and surprise) if this new standout Indian buffet had closed months after it had opened. Rest easy my gluttonous friends… all is right with the world.

Diwan’s Manager Opens His Own Indian Buffet


  • Zach – is the saag paneer made with real cheese, or is it tofu cubes like some other nasty Indian joints that shall remain nameless?

  • Zach – when do we get a report about Asian Fusion next door?

    Many things on lunch menu are $7.00 and change out the door. Includes soup or salad – white or brown rice.

    Bento boxes are $8.00-9.00

  • @JoeR – Really?!? I just assumed from the decor that that place was going to be over $10. I’ll check it out…

  • Saag paneer without chunks of cheese is a sin and a disgrace to all food-kind.

  • Are their chats any good?

    Seriously, how cheap can a Rest. be to use tofu over actual paneer. That’s just wrong!
    According to the menu online, they sell a tray of paneer tofu for catering. WTF! haha.

  • To be fair Paneer tastes of sod all…and so does tofu.

  • @Zach – sent you the lunch menu via email so you know before you go.

  • “remain nameless”???

    Can you name them for the ML’ers who might be getting duped please? :)

  • Paneer can not be very expensive. You could make the stuff at home. You heat the milk or cream until it curdles let it simmer down a bit add lemon or vinegar and remove the whey and ta-da yummy bits of cheese.

    Paneer is just slightly more hardened than your average american cottage cheese.

  • ADAMPRATO – i forget but they’ve been named here before. i think joy curry is one. can’t remember if darbar also does it. there are several.

  • Thanks for the heads-up!

    Bombay Bistro’s listing and phone number have been corrected on MenuPages. We apologize for the mistake.

    Keep up the great work at ML!

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    Last few visits the food was SLIPPING – vegetable dishes are lately boring and VERY OILY, harsh, and not subtle. Right now Bombay Bistro is NOT up to the standards of the old Diwan. X We will you well and want to come back, but, damn. Get it together: there are more vegetarians than you think – the United Nations is nearby – hello! Two health food places just shut down on 53rd St. You have an opportunity here, friends. Gracious room, love the booths. Could sit here for hours, if they fixed the food.

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