Don’t Try Going to Baja Fresh on May 11th

It just goes to show, you can’t believe everything you read… from the owners of the new Baja Fresh (opening on Lex btw. 44+45th): “We will definitely not be opening the week of May 11th.  We are hoping to open the week of May 19th, but it might not even be until the week after that.”  They claim to have no idea how that reporter got the May 11th date, but wanted to make sure there weren’t a bunch of disappointed Midtown Lunchers come the week of May 11th.  As soon as the staff is trained, the gas is on, and food is ready to be served, they’ll let us know. (Me thinks we might be building this up a bit too much… I hope they don’t disappoint.)


  • I predict suckiness on a biblical scale.

    But that Zach’s going to like it anyway.

    And send an update to his blog via twitter while he’s eating it.

  • I predict affordable deliciousness the likes of which Midtown East has never seen. Baja Fresh is a magical world of sensual delights that most men dare not dream of.

  • DDR…..thats anastasia.

  • “WE might be building this up a bit too much”

    You mean YOU might be building this up a bit too much!

  • @meyekull – I mean Midtown Lunch as the proverbial “we”. Didn’t mean to imply you guys…

  • Zach, I predict 100% that they will SUCK. You get flaccid burritos, with mostly rice and no meat and they charge you 9 bucks. This is in Jersey, I’m sure they’ll probably charge 11$ in NY. Good luck, this place is gonna tank.

  • no way this place is going to tank as much as the green cafe on the corner of 45 & Lex

    I have seen one customer in there in 3 weeks

  • “You get flaccid burritos, with mostly rice and no meat and they charge you 9 bucks”

    The words: “flaccid” and “burrito” don’t belong in the same sentence. That’s just wrong!

  • This place sucks in San Diego, home of the best Mexican food in the states. Why would it be any better here? f chains.

  • I also predict that Mamacita will be impressed by the length and girth, but lament it’s flaccidity and lack of flavor.

    Dunno how she’ll feel about Baja Fresh

  • As far the East Coast goes, I wouldn’t trash Baja Fresh. It will beat 90% of Mex joints out here. On the left coast, I would walk right by, however.

  • worked across the street from a baja fresh on sunset blvd for years. Baja can be thrown in the bucket of more authentic than chipotle but healthier than a taco stand in queens if you want perspective. Its definitely better than qdoba and chipotle but nothing beats real mexican food. This is from a southern californian mexican. FYI florenica 13 is the best mexican in manhattan hands down.

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