Cafe Cello’s Pork is Back; Gyu-Kaku Gets Rid of Theirs

Today’s Pork from Cafe Cello (on 46th btw. 5+6th)

I swear, if one more person even jokes about not eating pork anymore because of this swine flu stupidity I’m going to throw up in my own mouth. I’m sick of it. It’s not even fun to joke about. There’s nothing wrong with eating pork people! Which makes this news even more infuriating: Gyu-Kaku (the Japanese BBQ restaurant on 3rd Ave. and 50th) refused to serve a customer any of their pork dishes last night. Way to fan the flames with ignorant business practices.

Thankfully Cafe Cello (on 46th btw. 5+6th) has returned just in the nick of time. Their delicious roast pork is back! And the only thing you have to be scared of is their recent DOH closing… but when meat looks this good, I’m willing overlook a bit of “evidence of roaches”.

The DOH Has a Purpose Beyond Closing Our Favorite Restaurants (And it Rhymes With Twine Glue)


  • Live roaches? LOL.

    Pork looks decent. I’m not big on pork dishes but would probably devour it.

    You ever eat Roast Pig, Cantonese Style?
    I’m more into that, served with hoisin sauce. Haha.

  • “There’s nothing wrong with eating pork people!”

    There is if you’re Jewish….

  • My wife is a prominent physician (a maxillofacial surgeon, to be exact).

    She has forbidden me from eating pork or Mexican food until this dire international public health crisis has been resolved.

    I beseech you to heed her sage advice.

    But I doubt you will. You eat food prepared among vermin and filth, after all.

  • I know so many Jews that eat pork Steven, there is nothing wrong with porcine pleasures.

  • i wanna know who fucked the snifffly pig.

  • Speaking of vomitting in one’s mouth, my office had free lunch from Dean and Dalucca b/c of a Board meeting, and I’ve been vommiting the leaf, walnut tangerine cranberry salad up ever since I ingested it…..once again reminding myself why this Goat is NOT an herbivore….Even the roast turkey sandwich I scarfed after won’t stop the salad backlash…. I think I’m going home now.

  • Not only am I Jewish, but I am a Graduate of the Jewish Theological Seminary of America with a BA in Jewish History. Apikoros, btw, means unbeliever in Hebrew…. which shows you where I stand… Anyways, once you have tasted bacon, even bad bacon, there is NO TURNING BACK… The Pig, as Homer Simpson has said, is a Magical Animal, a magical delicious animal. Her delights include chops to bacon to fat back to sausage…. So many ways to enjoy her tasty gifts.

    So as a Jew, as an educated Jew, as a former Obervant Jew, I say: “בייקון עבור לנצח!” (Bacon for the win!)

    PS: Pork Rules!
    PPS: Swine Flu? Pshaww!

  • My wife is Jewish (yes, ours is a May-December MIXED marriage) and she’d sooner groom her bikini line with a dull steak knife than eat pork of any kind.

  • Zach – i had the cuban sandwich from Margon for lunch – full of delicious pig goodness – no swine flu over here…

  • Speaking of infected pork, have you seen the stripper pig for the new White Castle pulled pork campaign?! Just go to their website to watch the commercial. Oh man, could they have picked a worse time to launch this new product?! Then again, if you’ve been eating White Castle product for years, you should have an immunity to all types of plagues.

  • Oh snap!! FREE FOOD!! White Castles got a coupon for a free pork slider here: Chain or not.. FREE FOOD + Pork-related = must have!! See you in the hospital gang!!

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