You Can Make it to Porchetta and Back in an Hour

Photo courtesy of Robyn Lee from Serious Eats: New York

Oh man, do I love pork.  And there are fewer better pork options in the city than a sandwich from Porchetta in the East Village.  So, when I got this email yesterday from Lunch’er Jeff, you can imagine my excitement.

I needed to combat all this pork-bashing in re: to swing flu. Just had an incredible lunch at Porchetta. I’m certain you’ve heard of it… it’s a fatboy’s dream. Had the porchetta sandwich and even split the pork ragu sandwich. I won’t give you the full review, but seriously… heaven. Thing is, even though it’s out-of-bounds, a co-worker and i did it in exactly an hour. We work on 50th and Lex. Granted the 6 subway is on our corner. But most eastside midtowners are near a subway stop… so we just shuttled down to Astor stop, walked the 3 or so blocks east… and bam! Oh did i forget to mention… it’s gourmet pork and can be had for under $10!! (yup, you are so there, i know it).

Photo courtesy of Kathy YL Chan from A Passion for Food

I like the cut of your jib Jeff! Subway lunch to Shake Shack is nice… but in the end, you can get a decent burger in Midtown. A sandwich like the one at Porchetta on the other hand. Ain’t nothing like that in these parts. We all thank you for the report! You can read more about Porchetta on Serious Eats: New York.


  • i wish i didn’t just see this. i’ve been dying to try the pork sandwich at porchetta ever since i had the porchetta sandwich at salumi in seattle (mario batali’s father’s cured meats shop).

  • that sandwich is heaven. worth the trip and worth the 9 dollars.

  • Obviously it’s the duty of all of us to stand up to these swine flu fears and eat porchetta. You could even call it patriotic, or something

  • Best lunch in the city right now. I am envious.

  • No,Halo Berlin…or ShakeShack is.



  • I had that for the first time at The Village Voice Choice Eats event and my god it was delicious!

  • I can vouch that you can do it in an hour from midtown west via the R as well.

    Rudy, I’d slide my pork right in between Shack and Berlin – shack on top, berlin underneath.. but they’re all great, agreed

  • My wife is a physician of some repute. She has advised me NOT to eat any pork products or Mexican food during this time of crisis.

    Our government is beholden to “Big Pork,” like it is to “Big Corn.” Don’t trust them!

  • I have to put in my two cents and say this sandwich is definitely overrated, and this is coming from a guy who loves to build up places I have read about on Blogs to godly proportions. I got the regular pork sandwich and yes the pork is delicious and moist, but the flavor is not as strong as a good pork sausage or barbecued pork and I thought the cracklins were just chewy and didn’t have much taste. Also the ciabatta roll its on is horribly chewy, that really is the weakest part of the sandwich. It doesn’t suck up any juices so I really don’t know what the point of having that type of bread is. There is my two cents see if you don’t agree with me on the roll at least.

  • Success. Porchetta plus Treats Truck (Iced Mexican Chocolate!) in an hour.

  • Am I the only person who doesn’t like a shake shack burger? I think they pale in comparison to burger joint. And their fries totally suck. That said, this porchetta looks awesome.

  • I ordered the platter at porchetta and was underwhelmed. The skin looked magical, but was in fact too tough to chew, then I had the porchetta sandwich at Choice Eats and it was amazing… I guess the lesson is stick to the sandwich? or maybe the lesson is, sometimes they have off nights.

  • ….fressa….dont go to law school…i married one…i had to take her to England……to stop the hate.

  • I’m really pleased many are following my lead.. shuttling down to dine on swine… but nothing’s made me happier than to see this week’s profiled Lunch’er Fressagirl actually posted a comment… Fressa’ whether you agree with me or not (and admittedly your more the expert and I would love to try some of those Flushing spots you’ve hit), I’m still delighted that i got your attention… i mean, you are a CUUUUTTIEEEE… the girl eats and still looks great!! Why am i using this public forum to hit on this sweet girl… cuz i’m a PIG that’s why… and now is the time more than ever that we have to stand up and represent for those wonderful magical animals in whatever form we can. Yes, I can talk the talk.. the brazilians would called me a Porcao (look it up).. and i wear that badge proudly. Fressa, don’t leave NYC so soon.. not before we’ve dined together :< To the rest of you pigs and pork-luver’s… UNITE!!!

  • Fressa, jeff isss pisssing around.

    I made £4.5. last year.

  • Jeff,

    Your reviews are a godsend on a quiet day @ work. Where is your next adventure to? I certainly hope not Naples 45, but there are places on the fringe of the UWS/Clinton you could visit.

  • In order to keep Jamie aka Fressa from becoming THAT kind of lawyer, she will need to stop by hovel every time she’s in Forest Hills for a spanking. Will keep her honest.

  • Truth be told I just relocated from Astor Place (3 short blocks from Porchetta) to Midtown. So I will definitely need your help in exploring Midtown Lunch options.

    I made sure to visit Porchetta before I left the neighborhood and it was probably one of the best meals I’d ever had. I ordered the Pork Ragu, which was the special of the day and it was phenomenal. For pictures and my full review you can check it out on my food blog here:

    Look forward to reading up on more Midtown Lunch spots!

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