Panda Restaurant is Open

via NYC Foodie: “It is now officially called Panda International Restaurant (not Chinese)…that’s actually kind of scary!! It looks open-but shitty.” Shitty in a good way (see today’s previous post), or shitty shitty? I’m still not deterred.

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  • went with some coworkers, and just as we were walking in, 3 guys walked out laughing. so i asked what was wrong, and they said it looked too sketchy.

    we continued walking in to come to the same conclusion. in their warm trays, i saw meatballs and other italian dishes. what the hell!!?? their menu had chinese dishes for 10-11 bucks (the stuff that is usually 6-8 at a real chinese joint). and heros, smoothies, etc… very odd.

    i saw a mexican in the kitchen and two white people up front. i can eat at the junkiest of chinese places, and im not saying this place looks junkie, but it was very far from appetizing.

    we left without food.

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