Things I Wish I Knew Earlier in the Day

From Lunch’er Daniel: “If you haven’t heard by now, Popeye’s is doing 8 pieces of chicken for $4.99 today only. At the one on 40th St (btw. 7+8th), the line had to be 30 – 40 people long around 1 p.m.” I guess there is always dinner…


  • what the what!?!

  • As a black person, I must say this is how I would envision celebrating Earth Day!

  • And for full effect Dub, you should specify you’re pronouncing it “Eurf”

  • As a white person….im gonnna harpoon a whale.

    A blue whale.

  • I had totally forgotten about this. =(

  • bucket of seals, anyone? Tub-o-dolphin? Spotted Owl colada?

  • thanx for this most excellent post. there was a limit of one order per person, so i dutifully got my 8pc spicy and ate half the box in the store. then, with all the madness, the store was closed early. after the remaining customers in line were served, there was more spicy leftover, so i was able to score 2 more orders to go! want some, zach?

  • @ niu yorker – yes. yes I do.

  • I hit up Popeye at 5:30 yesterday on 26th and Lex and ended up waiting a total of 35 (15 in line and 20 for my chicken to be ready) minutes. It was a frenetic scene – each time the fryers would finish a batch of chicken, each of the 3 cashiers would “fight” over filling their orders. Somehow I ended up with 10 pieces in my box when I ordered half spicy half mild. Had to wait a little longer though. I’ve still got 3 pieces packed for today’s lunch!

  • Waited about 20+ minutes at the one on 14th and 7th. They ran out of breasts.

  • I was going to walk over to 26th and Lex, but I got real lazy. Now, I am disgusted with myself.

  • @dubbin, re: “They ran out of breasts.”

    Something you never want to hear at a fried chicken place, or a strip club.

  • Went to the 40th St location for dinner just before they closed early. Got an order of spicy to go for $4.99+tax, which came out just as I was ordering. But it was WAY overcooked to the point where even the dark meat was tough to chew… Major disappointment. And it wasn’t even spicy!!!

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