Greek Easter Means Whole Roasted Lambs


I very rarely post any of the crap sent over as “press releases” from PR people (because it’s kind of lame, and makes for lazy blogging IMHO), and this particular one has nothing to do with eating lunch in Midtown, but I just couldn’t resist (look at those lambs!)  Obviously none of us would ever want to come to Midtown over the weekend (M-F is quite enough thank you), but the 12 whole lambs that Estiatorio MILOS will be roasting in front of their restaurant (on 55th btw. 6+7th) this weekend for Greek Easter is making me consider it. Halal vendors take note… this is what real lamb on a spit looks like. What you serve is gyro over rice.

For more on the Greek Easter lamb feast go to TONY’s Feed Blog or Wined and Dined.


  • That does look good… REAL good.

  • Now if only they were halal or kosher……oh sooo good!

  • Righteous and keeping it very very real. Just give me a few slices hot off the spit on some good bread. With a slice of tomato and a small pickle

  • OH

    Is any of that available today?

  • If you have a buddy with an expense account (that hasn’t gotten laid off yet), have them take you to Milos. Authentic Greek food at its best. Best octopus I’ve had in my life! Doesn’t exactly fall into the ML price range though…

  • Looks like dead bodies to me.

  • “Lisa…. I thought you were my frieeeend”

  • Now now sarah… you don’t make friends with salad.

  • when I grow up, I want to go to ovine university.

    that stuff is CASH. although i can’t help but wonder what happened to the first lamb’s head. oh and from my curiosity hence, i now see that the 2nd lamb was rammed with the spit straight through it’s skull. appetizing.

  • Sarah, you should try this… could cure you.

  • Hello, lambies! Man, the Greeks know how to do Easter. I have ALWAYS wanted to go to the Milos Easter celebration. Molyvos also has a midnight Easter feast. Their menu looks good too, but it’s hard to top the entertainment value of whole roasted lamb: Has anyone been to either?

  • All I know is, I’m celebrating greek easter next year.

  • I tried lamb liver this week (had a great lamb dinner done 5 different ways/cuts of meat), it was really good. But not at all what I expected. Not like chicken or cow liver. by far my favorite is pulled lamb shoulder. So good!

    I’m probably make sarah ill right now :-P

  • Hey! was that a dig at me? This post was posted at the very end of my press week. I’m allowed a lazy week every once in a while!
    lol just teasing Zach.
    Man, they ruined that lamb’s brain with the ram through. You can eat that stuff you know!

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