Danika Takes You Into Dainobu

I don’t know who Danika is, or why she is making videos like this for the Roger Smith Hotel (on 47th and Lex), but this You Tube video of her going to lunch at Dainobu (the Japanese grocery store on 47th btw. Lex+3rd) is incredibly entertaining. The best part might be her “I don’t need to tell you what I think these look like” quip about a plastic pack of fish balls.  Actually, Danika, you do need to tell us.  What exactly do you think those look like?!? Surprisingly (after that comment) she had trouble fitting a whole piece of sushi into her mouth.

Check out the video after the jump…

First Look (And Taste) at Dainobu Japanese Deli


  • Watching her trying to stuff that piece of sushi in her mouth was strangely arousing. Talk about food porn…

  • She is so faking the trouble getting that sushi in her mouth!!!! She could have EASILY done it in one bite! she is chaste my ass!

  • I’m going to have to go hide in the bathroom.

  • Did he say ‘doggy-style california roll’?

    Danika is one cheeseburger away from being a fat chick

  • i don’t think those are fish balls. they look more like dango to me.

  • Love that Hertforshire/Chelsea( the real one) accent.

    Ive had her mother.


  • She’s shoved bigger things in her mouth

  • health code violation: effective hair restraint not worn!

  • ewwwwwww put your hair up before you go in the food prep area!!!!! (squirming with disgust)

  • word klaus. This is yet another reason why you are my favorite actor. Sorry you died.

  • Is that “Chef Rachael Ray’s” daughter?

  • Sushi is the biggest rip off. Just a bung-up of cold salted vinegared rice with some morsels of fish inside, some nori and a piece of cuke or avocado. They are laughing at the Americans paying through the nose for this

  • Wow Docchuck, she actually does look like a one cheeseburger (for wayne) beefed up version of Rachael Ray! At least her voice is not nearly as abrasive as Ray’s.

  • She looks like the offspring of Bjork and Keith Bishop from Wernham Hogg, maybe she can swallow a scotch egg whole like her dad.

  • Good. Give her a burger. Maybe even a steak-egg at goodburger. More cushion for the pushin.

  • The first pic she looks like a doofier rachael ray ( i didnt even think that was possible)

  • totally a rr wannabe. why do people eat california rolls?

  • very entertaining video, looking forward to seeing more from this brit.

    its a shame all these 14 year olds below use this site for a exercise in sharpening their fingernails.

    ahhh the difficult teen years… even watching a girl eat a sushi roll turns them on – that is most definitely a concern.
    stay in school kids.

  • She eats california rolls like it’s some sorta 3rd world and foreign ethnic cuisine. What a dumbass.

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