At Lunch Now: Energy Kitchen is Mobbed

And to think I was actually considering eating at Energy Kitchen
today. With only 30 mins left in the promotion the line at the 47th
street location is too long for me… Plus they have people jumping
rope for extra free goodies. Aside from the free food aspect, I am
morally against this on many different levels.


  • Items given away for free generally has one automatic result: it brings out the worst in people. I’ve seen it a hundred times, people grabbing at stuff like their lives were on the line, even when they don’t know what they’re grabbing for. It’s sad.

  • I hit 41st & 2nd at noon sharp and there was a line out the door and maybe 15 people long outside. It really only took me 15 minutes to get food, though. It wasn’t that bad.

    No freebies other than lunch.

  • Everything at Energy Kitchen tastes like wood chips. They don’t season any of their food and their vegetables are always gray. You did yourself a favor by walking away.

  • My co-worker and I just got the free lunch, at the 2nd Ave location. The wait wasn’t to bad, which helped, of course I probably wouldn’t have waited if I knew how extremely bland their food is.

    Anyone who says you can’t complain about free food is wrong.

  • I went to the Hell’s Kitchen location at 12:30, waited about 15 minutes and was very happy with my $2 deal. I also scored a free tank top and although I considered jump roping for a free meal coupon on another day, I decided against it. All in all, it was a great experience. The key is to get there at the beginning, not when there is only 1/2 hour left.

  • That’s me in line! Second head from left. Food was awesome.

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