Midtown Snapshots: Sidewalk White Sauce


Spotted this little treasure trove around 11:20 a.m. yesterday on the ledge in front of the famous Halal Cart on the SE corner 53rd & 6th.  It looked like the owner was delivering it, like a Brinks Truck would deliver money to a bank. In fact, I’ll bet if there was a choice between stealing a bag of money, or a crate full of white sauce from the 53rd St. cart (and you could only take one) 9 out of 10 Midtown Lunchers would probably take the sauce. (Especially if you got those two squeeze bottles full of red sauce in the deal…)


  • I rather have the bag of money so I can buy lots and lots of chicken/lamb w/ rice plates at the famous cart. Both sauces are awesome but I rather have the funds to eat like a king! Haha.

  • i’d take the sauce…and then use one of the bottles to spray the guy/gal that grabs the bag of money, and then i would have both


  • Does it concern anyone else that the “white sauce,” which probably contains some kind of mayo-like product, is left out all day without refridgeration? Isn’t that a breeding ground for bacteria, etc.? Overall, I avoid carts because of their lack of refridgeration — where is the meat stored as well before it is cooked? Didn’t the NYC Health Dept. cite the vendors in Red Hook for these kind of violations?

  • Dear Adam,

    Please never visit this site again.

    The guy who really loves being Ignorant

  • Adam, some things are too good to second guess. Street meat and it’s condiments are like a religion. You MUST HAVE FAITH!

  • Doc Chuck offered to give me a bottle of white sauce. He said he made it himself.

  • It’s not real mayo, homemade mayo. It’s Hellman’s loaded with antimicrobial and rancidity curbing additives. Not knocking Hellman’s but you should know these companies are so afraid of lawsuits that they’ll do anything to prevent food poisoning.

    Remember those McDonalds fruit salads that were left out on the counter for a week with no trace of mold until the 7th day? Same idea.

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