I Thought Eric Ripert Cared

I’ll admit I was kind of excited when I saw the words: “Hi, Midtown Lunch. Eric Ripert is now following your updates on Twitter.”  Too bad it was a big hoax.


  • Twitter is for twits. People who aanguish about twitting (tweeting? Whatever!) are worse. ‘Nuff said.

    Who the fuck is Eric Ripert anyway? My god, this place is going downhill!

  • Cobert put it eloquently when he said “he’s twatted before”

    Facebook is even worse, people use that stupid thing just like twitter. Like I care what your fucking status is every 10 minutes.

  • Mama, I like how you thoink7. Let me treat you to some drinks and a pile of fries one of these days!

  • Mama, 10 minutes ago i ……

    Better not.

  • *think*! (Sorry, typos again)

  • ha ha, found this while reading the story

    Please tell me why I should spend $35 to $50 eating chicken or meatloaf in a restaurant when I can purchase USDA ‘Choice’ 1 1/2-inch thick Porterhouse steaks at $4.98 per pound, and Snow Crab clusters at $4.99 per pound at my local D.C. area supermarkets (Giant and Food Lion)? Those prices are THIS week’s specials.

    I can prepare a Porterhouse steak as well as, or BETTER than, any New Yawk City ‘chef”, and my wife is an expert at preparing the Snow Crab with Kerrygold Irish butter (for dipping).

    Let’s see — that wonderful ‘Surf & Turf’ dinner comes out to about $15 per meal, not including wine.

    Add a bottle of good White Zinfandel to my dinner of a 2-pound Porterhouse, 3 Snow Crab clusters, a fresh-made cole slaw – - – and it cost me UNDER $20.00.

    What would a meal like that cost you in a New Yawk City restaurant?


    By DocChuck on 04/05/2009 at 1:28pm

  • Anonymous from yesterday said… Blogging about Twitter is like Vomiting on a Piece of Shit

    This unknown hero deserves the Nobel Prize, not Paul Krugman… that…. that…. vomity piece of shit

  • Wayne’ I owe you a drink too. I seem tpo have a particularly low tolerance for idiots today, and feel appreciative of sensible people.

  • No worries s.p. – fight the power

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