Five Napkin Beats City Burger at the TONY Awards

In what would be considered a huge upset by many Josh Ozersky, the just out of bounds Five Napkin Burger (on 9th Ave. btw. 44+45th) won the Reader Choice award for “Best New Hamburger” at the Time Out New York Eat Out Awards last night. The other nominees were Black Iron Burger, Petey’s, and Midtown’s own City Burger (on 39th & B’way)

Original City Burger Better Than Black Label? Combo Comes Down By $1


  • JG Mellon is the best burger citywide by far. TONY doesn’t know what they’re doing.

  • Harriet’s Kitchen is fantastic burgers.
    Going to Shake Shack UWS tonight.

  • Well, Doug, perhaps before you take such a condescending tone you should read the article and realize that it says “Best New Hamburger.”

  • Burn…and deservingly so…i like it. That’s what i get for commenting before reading.

  • Totally agree with that decision. Five Napkin is sooooooooo much better than City Burger (Black label or not). I am befuddled as to why Ozersky gives it such high praise.

  • Boo: because Josh ozersky is a bloated putz with an oversized ego to match, if you were curious.

  • Just got back from Five Napkin, and its “original” is handily bigger/better than City’s Black Label burger and worth the extra $2.

  • Who is this new “Doug”? I’m the only commenting Doug on this site. And I agree the JG Mellon is the best burger. Hmmm, have I been sleep commenting?

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